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Please note Thread of Hope, Inc. does not accept proposals for projects.  Thread of Hope's policy is that we are selective in our support that we might reach those who are truly in need and without any hope.

We assist and support those who are in need and in hopeless situations in the areas of education, medical (medication not included), and building.

Raising $120,000 to continue our commitment in building homes for those who are being rescued from abusive situations in third world countries. We have already raised $10,000 towards this cause.
Committed to continuing to support students with their educational tuition in the amount of $20,000 in Africa. We have already raised $1,000 towards this cause.
Raising $25,000 to continue the Widows' Program in India and Africa, in which we are helping them get set up in business for them to be able to provide for their families. We have already raised $100 towards this cause.
Committed to providing winter clothing in the amount of $1,500 for homeless men and women.
Provide feminine hygiene products in the amount of $2,500 for young girls in Africa.
Provide meals for Thanksgiving dinners in the amount of $10,000 for needy families in North America.
Provide financial aid to support families in need in the amount of $10,000 in Israel.
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If you would like to contribute to any of the above causes, there are several ways you can help us out.  You can make a pledge as low as $5 automatically deducted weekly, monthly, or quarterly.  Or you can purchase your skincare and make-up via Citro Cosmetics where 100% of the proceeds go to benefit Thread of Hope and its projects.  You can even purchase our books designed for self-study or group study for men and women, and this is something that would benefit us a great deal.  Amazon has a program called Amazon Smiles which cost-free to you.  Please sign up and you make your purchase through Amazon Smiles.  

If you have been touched by any of the projects we have listed here for the year 2021 or past projects, we would welcome you on our team.  If you are willing to run a fundraiser on our behalf to achieve any of these projects, please let us know.  Also if you know companies that support any of our projects, please introduce us.  Together, let's bring hope to the millions who are hopeless around our world.

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