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Division and Conflict Are Unacceptable

Division and Conflict Are Unacceptable

By Pastor Michael Heil

"A false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community." -Proverbs 6:19

We, the church, have an obligation to point out and make every effort to stomp sin out of the body. Opposition on the outside is significant, but it won't cause nearly as much harm as internal conflict. Gossip, when found within the church, must be addressed. If not, it will lead to divisions.

One trick of the enemy is that he wants to distract us from focusing on God. He waves a banner of confusion to always be the center of attention. Distractions are designed to take our focus away from Kingdom business. If it has nothing to do with God, we should not be faithful to it. I'm not talking about jobs. You have to hear the Holy Spirit and be led. This post is pointing out how important it is to walk in the Spirit and not to fulfill the desires of the flesh as many are doing today. So many things are in competition with preaching the gospel and the things of God as a whole. Gossip is a sin, and spreading lies is not of God. Causing offense is not of God; being easily offended is not of God. We must study the Word of God so that we will know the truth. We must walk in the Spirit so we will not fulfill the desires of the flesh. We are to make every effort to be a witness that brings GLORY to the Living God. WALK IN UNITY.

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