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Mountain Top Experiences Are Short-Lived

Hiking and mountain climbing are some of the best outdoor events you can experience. There are challenges and risks involved just like everything in life. Wherever there are mountains, usually, you will see valleys. The beauty of valleys is the luscious greenery and water at the bottom of most surrounding mountains.

I like to hike with my carved-out walking stick which helps me to keep balanced walking through the woods or rugged terrain but walking up the mountain can be a challenge.

As a kid of elementary age, we used to climb “Boulder Rock” or “Cliff Rock” or “Trafton Rock” near Maplewood. We thought they were huge rocks, but as we grew older, they were like pebbles and so easy to climb! Boulder was always a challenge though even as I got older.

What are the challenges you are facing? Are you content with where you are in your career, or do you thrive to move to the top of the corporate ladder, have your own business, some field of ministry, or education level? Many parents want their kids to be at the top in their sport and be professional athletes.

Standing at the top of a mountain has an incredible view, yet the top of the mountain is usually bare. For many who strive to be at the top, although the view is grander, it gets very lonely at the top. The view is usually short-lived. Just ask most pro-athletes or people in powerful positions when they retire or let go. The “Glory Days” are over! And the notoriety is lost because you’re not on the stage anymore.

Leadership is all about servanthood, not abusing the authority of the position but making others become their best with integrity. To be a team leader by example is better caught than taught. Jesus came to this earth, “not to be served, but to serve others” Allow God to humble us and let Him do the exalting. When it’s over you will really know who you are as a person and not be caught up in a “position” or a “title.”

Remember, climbing a mountain takes one step at a time. When you arrive enjoy the experience because it’s short-lived but seize the moment.

Pastor Andy Provitola

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