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Promise Keeper

God is faithful and true. His promises can be banked on; He keeps them no matter how long it takes. I woke up very early with a heavy heart. You see, I went to bed feeling this way, and I woke up the same way.

I was asking God about some of the promises that have not come to pass. “God, it seems as if they are dead at the moment. Did I hear wrong?” I asked. I was dealing with situations that have shaken my belief in people. I witnessed actions that were opposite of godly behaviors. Completely contrary to the word of God. I heard myself say, “God, can I trust anything I heard, believed, and felt? Then, out of the blue, I received a message. It was a tag on FB. It was from my friend Gillian Wedderburn Henriques.

I knew, immediately, “God, you’re speaking to me by whatever Gillian posted.” I went quickly to look. I noticed it was a post she had tagged me in a few weeks back. This particular message has been one that God has used to remind me He keeps His promises. Every time I have questioned? God brought that image of that post to my mind. Then, I could hear him say, "I have already equipped you for this battle. Go! Keep walking, stay on this path, do not turn back, do not exit. You are to keep going on this path I have placed you on. Keep walking." I mean for days on end, after that post, I kept seeing that image and hearing same words.

Last night, the uncertainty raised its ugly head again. I went to bed feeling and asking God the same thing. This morning, I got a notice she had tagged me on FB again. Immediately, I heard God say, "That post and that word is for you!" I went to it and saw it was the exact post as the same she tagged me in days ago. I read it again. This time I became emotional at the image in this post. I commented back letting her know I needed that word. She responded back, "I have No idea why you got that post again; I didn't send it!" Imagine my shock! “What do you mean you didn’t send it?” But I knew in my Spirit God was speaking to me yet, again. He was sending me the exact same message.

God knew that I was struggling and I needed to be reminded again. God was speaking to me very clearly. He was letting me know that his promises shall be delivered only in his perfect time. He is a God who keeps all his promises. It doesn’t matter how I might feel. He promises to lead me in every step I take. He promises to give me peace and hope in the middle of doubts, confusion, and fear. He promises to deliver, and protect me from all harm. He promises to come as a lion to devour those who would try to harm me, and he promises to never forsake me. What great promises. He is a God of faithfulness, mercy, and love. The promises above are not only for me. They are for all those who believe in Him. Every single one of them are for you and me.

I'm in awe of the greatness of God. Aren’t you? I'm humbled that God would take the time to speak life, peace, and breathe life into my weary soul. He moved heaven and earth to come to my cry for help. To think He would engineer a post made days ago, to be sent out again, NOT by human hands to speak to me is humbling. You see, I needed to know God was really with me. Regardless of the circumstances I found myself in. I needed to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I was hearing correctly what God was telling me. What a faithful, merciful, kind, and loving God. Our God is very real. We might not see him but he is as real as the breath we take.

This morning, pray this prayer with me. “God, thank you for calming my anxious thoughts and reminding me you are the true and living God who does not slumber, or sleep. Nothing done throughout the earth is hidden to you. Your eyes see, your ears hear, your thoughts, and ways are higher than man. Thanks for guiding me, leading me, and taking me by your right hand, never letting go of me. I can trust you in the middle of the raging ocean, in a dry and weary place, and through the thunderous storms. You are there beside me. Gently leading, encouraging, and sheltering me under your wing of protection. The winds, raging ocean, and storms must stop at your words, “Peace be still!” Thank you, Lord, for your kindness, mercy, and love that never ceases. Your mercies are new every morning. Great is your faithfulness. Amen!

Friends take courage! The Lion roars from heaven. No matter your trials, storms, and fears. HE IS helping you today.

"Peace! Be still, I'm always with you!" Says the Lord your God!

Rev. Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder and President Thread of Hope

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