The God of Justice

“But the Lord laughs at wicked people, because he knows they will soon be destroyed.” (Psalms 37:13)

Many times I’ve been asked, “You talk about God all the time. So, why then doesn’t God end all the evil people do?” It’s a good question to ask, and it’s an easy one for me to answer. God created people with free will, and this means they get to choose between good and evil. They aren’t getting away with anything. It’s just a matter of time.

Recently, I found myself asking the same question. “God, I don’t understand. Why do you allow people to get away with evil?” After I asked that question, I laughed at myself knowing it was a ridiculous question I just had asked God. I know better, but out of frustration, I asked my ridiculous question.

As we were driving to church still with that question on my mind, God brought to my mind the above passage. “Teresa, they are not getting away with anything. I will act at the appropriate time.” Just as I passed by my old home, suddenly, God brought to my mind two supernatural experiences I had encountered while a house was being built.

The previous owner wasn’t happy we had bought the home and that we were building. He decided to make our life difficult and planted corn, 50 acres worth. Ok, I could live with that, but he then decided to use chicken manure for fertilizer. The odor was horrific. I tried to politely ask him to please consider an alternative. He wasn’t going to do it. He just wanted to make my life difficult. So, I took the battle to God on my knees. My friend and I went to my house early in the morning, before the construction crew arrived and began praying. There we were with our hands outstretched toward 100 acres of land, praying God would intervene and cause that man to be kind instead of mean. We believed for a miracle. We prayed God would bless this man and give him a change of heart.