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1 June 2022


Acts 13:2

While they were worshipping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said,” Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”

How does Jesus go about building His church? How will the light of God prevail in a darkened world? It is when Christians come together in fasting and prayer and in worship seeking the face of God. Humbly they come seeking His direction as to what to do and what their next move ought to be. They will wait until the Holy Spirit shows up and tells them exactly what to do for they have made up their mind they will not move without the approval and presence of God. They do not plan, or strategies and then expect the Holy Spirit to fall in with them, nor do they create programs and events and then expect the Holy Spirit to follow what they are doing. They will not do a thing without the Holy Spirit making the way clear before them.

They move by the leading of the Holy Spirit and not by the leading of their flesh. It is when the flesh comes into play and we work to accommodate our plans and programs and not the Holy Spirit of God, that is when the Holy Spirit is left outside of the church standing at the door and we do not even realize it. It is a passion for His presence that will determine the power and glory of God upon our life., upon our church, and our ministry. The anointing comes when we set ourselves apart to do that which He has called us to. When we move out of His will that is when we are forced to entertain and create programs and events to accommodate men and create an illusion of the anointing because we do not have the Holy Spirit of God in our midst. He will not anoint our carnal works which He never called us to.

There are far too many churches, programs, events, and things being done in the Name of Christ which had nothing to do with the will of God but it was done by the will of man.

It is time we see the church as belonging to Christ and He is the Lord. Did He not give His life for her? The pulpit belongs to the Holy Spirit of God! The Holy Spirit is the life of the church! We have been called to set ourselves apart to do the work which the Holy Spirit has called us to!

Not our selfish plans, nor our impressive programs and events, nor our huge impressive church buildings, nor our great ministries! The anointing of the Holy Spirit is not there for us to use to further our agendas. Certainly not! We ought to make ourselves available to the Holy Spirit to use to further His agenda. Let us stop for a moment with all we are busy doing like Martha who was so focused on serving that she missed the most important thing and let us become like Mary who did the one thing that was required. It is time to get back to the heart of worship where it is all about Him!


Thereze Catherine Barnard


Voice of Hope Blog

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