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Those Moments of Anxiety, Worry, & Fear

I like to call some of my moments, “Overactive Imagination.” A mild way of addressing those crazy moments of emotions that take the form of giants, and you're at the point of freaking out. You know those moments... we all have them.

Usually, they come during those times of feeling out of control due to circumstances that are beyond your control. So, you start going down that if road. Oh, I don’t like that road. "Keep me off this road, God" is my quick cry for help.

It’s true, Folks. We are not in control of everything. Come to think of it, what are we really in control of? The only things we can control is our behavior, actions, and the choices we make. Did I forget anything else?

So, then, when circumstances are beyond our control, we begin to see those things as giants that can’t be conquered. We start to get worried, then it turns to fear, and now we are in total panic stricken, anxiety filled, feeling powerless state of mind. We begin to sink down to feelings that lie. That’s right; feelings lie. We start believing things which are not true. This is not a good place to be at. I have received phone calls from people who are at this place. I find myself immediately saying, “Stop right there. You are not making sense. What your feeling isn’t true. Let’s discuss it logically.” I begin to debunk those what ifs showing them those thoughts and feelings aren’t really real.

Tonight, unexpectedly, I had one of those moments. A thought entered my mind. The next thing I knew I had a total ridiculous scenario. My mind was going down one thought pattern after another. It became scary to me, and I began to cry. Yes, I stood in front of my mirror and just couldn’t keep those tears from flowing. I picked my phone in a panic. I called ALL my friends. No one was answering tonight. No one was home. I found myself saying, “Really, God? I’m there for everyone in this entire universe. Where are MY friends when I need them?”

Thank God He never leaves and is always there to answer us when we call for help. Immediately, I could feel my heart calm down and the following words come to my mind.

“Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” -Isiah 41:10 (NLT)

This passage always comes to my mind when I have these moments. But, tonight, I felt God show me something important. We must tear down vivid imaginations. Therefore, instead of entertaining thoughts and ideas that come to our minds of discouraging nature. We have it in us to rebuke them. Tear them down. Replace the negative with the positive. You see, that’s within our power to do.

God calmed me down reminding me I don’t walk alone. His hand holds me up when I'm feeling down. He brought to my mind something He showed me a year ago. I was out running, and I was praying. I was just telling God of my what-if scenarios. I was being real with God and told Him how I truly felt. At that very moment I saw a dad with a little girl. He was holding her hand as they were crossing the street. The little girl was not paying attention. She was smiling crossing the street. Her dad was doing all the work.

He was watching for cars and leading her by her hand. He was protecting her. She had a carefree attitude. The smile on her face showed absolute trust in her dad. In that one moment God showed me what it is like my walk with Him. He reminded me He holds my hand just like that. He showed me I don’t need to worry. Nothing is going to happen to me while I’m in His hand. Then, I felt him say so strongly, “I’m with you the same way that dad is with his daughter. You're my daughter I’m leading you. I’m protecting you. I promise nothing will happen in your life without my say so. Trust me.”

Tonight, God reminded me of that promise. Those giants trying to scare me immediately left. There I was calling all my friends. But God was there and in one second in time He calmed my raging storm. You know it’s the same for you. I don’t know who the person out there is who’s feeling these things too. I’m reminding you God cares about you and is there holding your hand in those times of worry, fear, and anxiety.

We don’t have to be afraid. God is holding us with His victorious hand. This means we will conquer and win over those feelings that are trying to act like giants. We are triumphant over each negative thought and feeling that would try to bring us down. Be still and know He is God! We walk hand in hand with the King of kings and Lord of lords. No fear, worry, and anxiety can take us down when our mind is steadfast on Him.

Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder and President

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