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Watching From Afar

“Fifty disciples of the prophets stood at a distance

as Elijah and Elisha stood by the Jordan River.”

2 Kings 2:7

How is it possible to know that something very significant is about to happen and totally miss it? It’s very possible as we read in this chapter. Elijah and Elisha went through three towns. In each town there were schools of prophets. In today’s world, we would call them Bible Schools. In this story, 150 prophets in total approached Elisha. Each prophet knew God was about to take Elijah that very day. Yet, none of them accompanied this great prophet and leader.

What’s even more astonishing is the last town they went through. 50 prophets welcomed them there. But they just stood from afar, watching. None of them tried to approach him. So, what’s the problem with them just watching? They missed the greatest blessing for their lifetimes, making it the biggest tragedy of their lives.

Friends, it’s very possible to miss the greatest blessings of our lives because we are not in tune with the Spirit of God. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to get as close as anyone could get to witness one of the greatest miracles. As God takes Elijah home, Elijah’s time on earth was up. He was about to pass from this realm to the next. All 150 prophets knew about it and none of them accompanied him. Like, really? What kind of prophets were they? Sad!

The last 50 prophets even stood from afar and saw Elijah strike the Jordan River with his cloak. The Jordan River parted and Elijah and Elisha, (the only prophet) who refused to leave his sight, walked across the parted river safely to the other side on dry ground. What a miracle. You see, God’s real children walk in authority and power. There are always signs, wonders, and miracles happening all around them, as we see in this text. No river, sea, or ocean can stand in their way. Moses parted the Red Sea, and Elijah parted the Jordan River. Both walked on dry ground. No obstacle can stand in their way. Even Jesus said, “If you have faith… But also if you shall say to this mountain be moved and be thrown into the sea it shall be done.” (Matthew 21:21)

Talk about dead spirit. Clearly, it showcased in the lives of the 150 prophets! That’s right, I said that. Just because you prophesy, that doesn’t make you wise in the deep things of God. No wonder God says, “You can have the gift of prophecy...and still have nothing.” Where was the love for the old prophet that was going to die? Elisha wasn’t going to leave him. Elisha was 1 of the 151 prophets who knew what was about to take place and wanted to be a part of what God was about to do. In doing so, he received a double portion of the spirit residing in Elijah. This happened because he desired the things of God. He wanted what Elijah had. Elijah had the Spirit of the Living God living in him. Elisha wanted that, too. Not just the same. He wasn’t going to settle for the same. He wanted more. He asked for a double portion because he wanted ALL that God had for him. He was in tune with God’s Spirit. He had seen the supernatural and he wasn’t going to settle for anything less. He wasn’t like the rest of his team friends. He wanted more of God and he was about to get it. He wasn’t staying behind in the three towns with the rest of them. He was going to press on, go further, and push beyond the limits. He was going to go higher. He was about to get an upgrade.

Wow! Don’t you want this too? I do!

Elisha was sticking to Elijah like glue. His eyes were steadfast on the man that had shaped his life. He saw the Living God resting on Elijah and he wanted that, too. Elisha’s steadfast and unmovable attitude was rewarded by God. He gets to see miracle number two. First, he sees the Jordan River part, and now he sees an even bigger miracle, God sending down a glorious display of heavenly wonder and awe. A white horse drawn carriage with flaming fire comes down from Heaven and Elijah was suddenly taken up in it. Oh…I want that, too. Elijah didn’t taste death. He was just “scooped up” into Heaven.

Watch this now. Due to Elisha witnessing that, he received Elijah’s mantle and a double portion of his master’s power. Wow! Wow! Wow! Can it get more powerful than this? Now I ask you, what were the last 50 prophets still doing? Watching from afar. Now it is no longer Elijah, their master, who is returning; rather, it is now Elisha, one of them, returning to the Jordan River with Elijah’s mantle and performing his first miracle. Elisha now used his mantle to divide the river again for him to walk to the other side. Notice that I said his mantle. Elijah was gone, the blessing of a double portion was now passed to him.

It’s so sad, really. Knowing that something great is about to happen and not participating in it is the greatest tragedy of life. 150 people lost being a part of two unbelievable miracles. Most importantly, they missed the blessing as Elijah was departing. Let me remind you, Abraham blessed his children before his death, Isaac blessed his children before his death, and Jacob blessed his children and Joseph’s children (his grandchildren) before his death. Do you understand the importance of what those prophets missed?

Please understand, this still happens today in the spiritual realm. It doesn’t matter how great a preacher you are, or how great a prophet, apostle, or whatever your title might be. When God reveals something to you, it’s your responsibility to do something about it. There is a reason why God bothered to reveal it to you. It’s to bless you. But it’s your responsibility, your choice, to see it through and receive the blessing.

Don’t be like the 150 prophets that missed out on what God would have wanted to give to them. There’s nothing greater than God’s blessings. I wonder, how many of those 150 men regretted not being an “Elisha”? Don’t just know about what God is about to do, participate in it. Do it wholeheartedly, in every revelation He gives you. The greatest miracles are found in God’s revelations. Move quickly once He shows you. Suddenly, Elijah was taken. Did you know that suddenly things are taken because you refused to move? Don’t just watch the blessings leave you. I’m sure that they regretted just standing there, watching from afar...

Rev. Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder and President

Thread of Hope, Inc.

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