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Privacy Policy

Personal information

TOH never collects your information without your knowledge and permission. The information we request from you is only when you create an account. Request a resource, make a donation, make a purchase, subscribe to our daily devotional, submit a prayer request or use site links to communicate with us. This information may include, but may not be limited to your first and last names, postal address, telephone number, email address and other demographic information. For online transactions, we request your credit card-debit number, expiration date and your card security code (CSC, CVV2, or CCID) number. 

The use of the information we collect

TOH uses your personal information to serve your specific needs and fulfill your specific requests per your direction. We may also share your personal information with external service providers who help us better serve you, under strict contractual terms that protect your privacy and prevent misuse of your personal information. Examples as such service providers include but are not limited to, credit card/debit card processors and mailing services. TOH uses network information to gather information to help us understand how people use our website. This helps us administer the site and to get trend-level information about site visitors and how they got to our site

Your information is never sold, leased or rented

When you visit our website it is confidential. TOH will never sell, lease, exchange or rent your information with any other organization except for those service providers who help us serve you under contract as described in the preceeding section of this policy. Also if it is legally required to do so by law regulations, court order, search warrant, subpoena or if it is in response to privacy processes. Also to protect the property,  safety, rights of  personnel of Thread of Hope, Inc. 

Browser Cookies

TOH may send a small file at our discretion (called a cookie) to your computer. Our web servers use cookies to recognize you when you visit our site. This is done to identify which areas or site features you have visited. We also may use cookies to personalize your online experience at our website. Cookies cannot damage your computer nor can they read data from your hard drive.  

Please be advised you do have an option, you may change your browser settings, of refusing all cookies, or of being notified when a website attempts to send a cookie to your browser. However, if you choose not to accept cookies, your experience may be restricted, and some site features may not work properly. 

Information security at TOH

TOH is committed to the highest degree to preserving the security of all information which is in our custody. Our information system are maintained in physically secured, access-controlled data centers. All data is protected through a multi-layered approach at the network, storage, server, and applications levels. The data access is controlled and limited to trained employees. In addition, we engage external consultants who audit our online system and test them periodically for any vulnerabilities. 

Children’s policies

TOH will not knowingly collect or preserve data from any child under the age of 18. We advise that you, the parent, become very involved with your child’s Internet activities and their access to our site. This way you can protect their privacy. We found the article “Protecting Kids’ Privacy” at the Federal Trade Commission website and the “” website has this as a wealth of information and resources you can utilize to protect your children.

Your information: Changing, obtaining, and viewing

TOH upon your request will provide you with access to all your information. This will include proprietary information, that TOH maintains about you. This includes your unique identifier information (for example, your password or your customer number), transaction information (for example, donations or purchases you have made, dates on which you made and or purchases and their amounts) Communications that you have directed to our site (for example, inquiries regarding your emails) your contact information (for example, your name, address and telephone number) and a description of any other information in regards to you. You can view and change much of your account information by logging into the Thread of Hope website at then click “My Account” link. 

Credit Card security processing

TOH uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to securely encrypt data that is used during your credit card transaction. TOH does not retain on our online systems any credit card numbers. TOH immediately destroys your credit card numbers after it has passed to our credit card processor. You can be assured that your online transactions made to Thread of Hope are secured to the highest standards that is set by the credit card processing industry. 

Network information

TOH systems automatically collects the IP address of the computer you use to visit our website. TOH tracks the number of site visitors and the number of visits to each page as well as the resources on the website. Please be assured this information cannot be used to identify a specific person. 

With your informed consent:
By you using our website and by you giving us your personal information, you agree that this privacy policy is part of the terms of the use of this website and you agree to this Thread of Hope, Inc privacy policy. TOH reserves all the rights to change this policy at any time, without advanced notice. Be advised whenever we change our privacy policy, the revised policy will always be posted here for your information and review. 


Thread of Hope is committed to serve you with excellence. It is never our desire to send communications you do not choose to receive. If you wish to not further receive our emails, please let us know by unsubscribing. Click “here”. If you have supplied us with your postal address online, you might receive periodic mailings from TOH regarding new information and new services or upcoming events. If you wish to not receive such mailings, by emailing us, click “here”. If you have provided us with your telephone number (s) online, you might receive telephone calls from us regarding new information and/or new resources and new services or upcoming events. If you choose to not receive such phone calls, please let us know by clicking “here”. 

Further questions

If you have further questions about Thread of Hope, Inc privacy policy, please contact us by  email.

Thank you for visiting our website. Let us know how we can better serve you. 


Thread of Hope, Inc (TOH) is a global Christian ministry with its headquarters in Massachusetts. We believe in setting the highest standards so that we can do everything with excellence. It is our desire to earn your trust by doing our utmost to maintain and preserve your security and privacy of your personal information. Therefore we have clearly set up the following information on how we use the information you have provided us with. We ask that you carefully take the time to review the following statements so that you can understand our privacy policy with clarity. TOH reviews its policies, procedures, and systems continuously to make sure we are conforming to the highest standards of information, security under transparency, and informed consent. TOH might change this privacy policy from time to time as it see best under different circumstances that warrants it. Please be notified that the revised policy will always be posted on this page. It might be important for you to please return to this page to review our current privacy policy. Thread of Hope, Inc is a nonprofit corporation with its headquarters in Massachusetts.

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