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Greatness is a virtue GOD built into every one of HIS children, and greatness is what HE expects
us to manifest.

And GOD said; let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion; Genesis 1:26; that is the agenda of divinity for humanity, which is the mandate and expectation.
But this greatness cannot be achieved or realized without total surrender to GOD.

Until we surrender completely to GOD, until we give up our personal agenda and give in to
GOD’s will and agenda for us, we may never be what HE has programmed us to be or come into
the fullness of HIS expectations for us.

Abraham’s destiny in GOD as a father of Nations did not become a reality until he surrendered
to GOD. At seventy-five years of age, he was still a dependant; living in his parent’s house.

Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred … Genesis 12:1 was the surrender
requirement. And Abraham departed … Genesis 12:4 was the surrender.

And Abraham was rich …. Genesis 13:12 was the result of the surrender.

Total surrender to GOD is the pathway to a life of excellence and glory.
The Bible speaking about John the Baptist and JESUS CHRIST said they shall be great: Luke 1:15 and Luke 1:35. But their prophesied greatness could only manifest on the platform of total
surrender to the will and agenda of GOD.


JESUS surrendered by saying my meat is to do the will of HE that sent me ….. John 4:34; while
John the Baptist surrendered by saying: HE must increase while I must decrease … John 3:30.
JESUS and John are still today; trans-generational icons of greatness.

Beloved, GOD’s manual of greatness advocates total surrender to HIS will.
We live in a generation where people want to do whatever pleases them; people say “It is my
life, I will live it as I like.” It is not your life, Beloved.

GOD said, “This people have I formed for myself, they shall shew forth my praise…” Isaiah

Beloved, GOD owns us, and our lives must please HIM. But until we surrender completely to
HIM, we may end up as a mediocre in life and destiny.


One of the challenges of people is that of knowing what it means or what it takes to completely
surrender unto GOD.

This awesome book by Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro is heaven-sent. It is a book everyone wishing to
live a life of total surrender to GOD and fulfill their destiny colorfully, must-read, and follow the
practical steps contained therein.

I have had the privilege of a close association with Dr. Citro, and I know her to be someone
totally surrendered to GOD in all things.

And I believe that this great book from her will assist many people in no small measure to live a
life of total surrender to GOD.

I joyfully recommend this book to you.
Welcome to a life of dominion and greatness.


Prince Obinna Abani;
Lead Servant: PowerHouse Assembly Ministries,
PortHarcourt City, Nigeria
UN/UNESCO Peace Ambassador
President L.I.F.E CARE Inc

Surrender: The Ultimate Submission

  • Authors:
    Teresa Allissa Citro
    Michael Heil
    Ruth Strait

    100% of all proceeds go to support Thread of Hope, Inc.


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