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In loving memory

The Rev. Dr. Linda Agnes Knowles
Memorial Fund

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Thread of Hope is honored and privileged to have had Rev. Dr. Linda Agnes Knowles as our Executive Director.

Dr. Linda worked hand-in-hand with the Founder and President, Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro in fulfilling the mission and vision of Thread of Hope.

She leaves behind an incredible legacy of righteous living. Her life was dedicated to the work of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She put her heart and soul into seeing people fulfill their God-given purposes. She has touched many lives across the globe.
As a professor at Manda University, she impacted many students, especially those pursuing Theology and Divinity. She was loved and respected by everyone.

Thread of Hope wishes to honor her memory and legacy by continuing her life's work that she pursued relentlessly and passionately.

The Rev. Dr. Linda Agnes Knowles Memorial Fund will go 100% towards:

Striving to help underserved people overcome socio-economic and emotional barriers.

Uniting local, foreign, and civic leaders to participate by engaging unreached communities to foster change in poverty-stricken communities.

Creating global awareness toward resilience by preventing ongoing cross-cultural biases and misperceptions.

Cultivating cultural competency in order to eradicate social injustice and prejudices through educational resources, conferences, and innovative media.

Empowering others by igniting a yearning to accomplish their aspirations regardless of their own environment or past circumstances.

Supporting current projects with existing agencies, non-profits, and institutions (educational, medical, non-government.)

Sustaining positive reinforcement by building legacy projects to continue growth in multi-generational families and individuals.

Dr. Linda passionately believed in the success of these projects to aid and benefit individuals globally.
100% of the funds will go directly to support these initiatives. Contributions will not be applied to any administrative costs.


Thread of Hope, Inc. will be dedicating the Manda University library to the work of Dr. Linda by naming it in her honor.

It will be known as the Rev. Dr. Linda Agnes Knowles Library.

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