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“Surrender: The Ultimate Submission.” It is available in hard copy and e-book edition; purchase it here or via Amazon™. Prices are as follows:

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Whenever you need encouraging words of wisdom, Thread of Hope, Inc. is always by your side. We publish and produce various publications.  Everything we write instills faith and hope to readers of all ages and experiences. More titles will be available in the near future.

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• Hard Copy - $14.95

"With God, I am Full of Possibilities" is a series of books to encourage students who have learning disabilities. It is geared toward 3rd through 5th grade and is a must read if your child is struggling in his/her academics.  This positive character, Oliver, and his family showcases, that no matter what the struggles he faces in school, with God, everyone is full of possibilities! This series  is available in paperback for $19.95 each or $49.95 for all 4. Price includes shipping for USA and Canada.


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"Broken Vows: Healing and Restoration From Divorce" It is available in e-book
• E-Book Version - $7.99

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• E-Book Version - $9.95