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Board & Staff Members

Our Board

Rev. Teresa Allissa Citro, Ph.D
Founder and President

Rev. Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro, Ph.D, is the President and Founder of Manda University and Thread of Hope, Inc.
She is also the Chief Executive Officer of Learning Disabilities Worldwide, Inc. Dr. Citro is also the President and Founder of CITRO.

Dr. Citro is a graduate of Tufts New England Medical School, Boston, MA, and Northeastern University, Boston, MA.
She also holds a Ph.D in Education Leadership, a doctorate in Religious Education, and a Ph.D in Corporate Leadership.

Dr. Citro is a well-respected authority in the field of Education/Special Education. She has written extensively in the fields of education, counseling, parenting, and Christian theology. She is the Co-Editor of two respected peer-reviewed journals on Special Education, “Learning Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal,” and “Insights on Learning Disabilities: From Prevailing Theories to Validated Practices.” Dr. Citro annually runs the World Congress on Special Education.

Dr. Citro is the Editor-In-Chief of Everyday Life Magazine. She is also the creator and host of the live program Light of the World.
Dr. Citro has received numerous awards for her contributions in the field of Special Education, and she was awarded the prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from the President of the United States in 2021.
Additionally, Dr. Citro is an international public speaker

Rev. Edwin Masih, Ph.D
First Vice President
Rev. Justin Noah Citro, Ph.D 
Second Vice President
Rev. Linda Agnes Knowles, Ph.D
Treasurer and Secretary
Rev. Linda Agnes Knowles, Ph.D
Executive Director

Dr. Knowles is a Professor of Theology at Manda University. Dr. Knowles is also an Associate Pastor at Sudbury Int’l Church. She authored books, wrote periodicals, and blogs extensively on Christian theology, counseling, and godly living. She has traveled on several mission trips throughout the world. She holds a Ph.D in Theology and a Ph.D in Divinity.

Photo of Linda A. Knowles For

Our Staff

Ellianna Destinee Citro
Vice President,
Marketing & Public Relations

Bishop Michael Aboagye Ghansah
Light of the World

Rev. Rika Griffiths, Ph.D
Business Manager
Fitness & Nutritional Coach

Mary Laity
Graphic Designer
Praying Hands

Board of Advisory

Rev. John G. Ndungu Dawkins, Ph.D, M.D
Vice President,
Office of the Governing Board, Manda University
Vice President,
Office of Global Engagement, Manda University
Rev. Michael Player Ph.D
General Superintendent,
Manda Global Ministerial Association
Rev. Rika Griffiths, Ph.D
Business Manager
Fitness & Nutritional Coach

Rev. Okaja Emmanuel
Pastor at Dunamin International Gospel Centre
Mrs. Joyce Okaja

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