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Permission to Print


We are honored that you would like to use our material from Thread of Hope, Inc. Although, we would like to grant permission to every request that we receive, we must stay within the law and Ministry guidelines when granting reprint permissions.

The following information will provide you with our guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation in understanding this matter.


1. Thread of Hope, Inc. cannot grant permission to Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro’s books. They are copyrighted by the publisher. Due to copyright infringement concerns with the book publisher, we cannot grant permission to reprint the books. As well as the magazine, Everyday Life.
•    You may direct people to links of the devotionals, magazine, and all other written material through e-mail, or on a Web site by copying the URL or link on that page. We encourage you to share our information with your family and friends. Our mission is to promote social awareness and to provide the necessary tools and resources for a promising future worldwide. We want to see people growing in a relationship with our Lord. If you believe a devotional will help and encourage someone, please feel free to send the link to them.
•    Another option is to direct others to sign up for our many different publications, soon to be in other languages, too. Other than our books, everything is offered free—whether in print, online, or the daily devotional or studies. 

2. Quotes from Thread of Hope, Inc., Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro, — please feel free to quote it, giving Thread of Hope, Inc., Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro, the credit.  Regarding our books, once a book is published, you must contact the publisher to obtain permission. 

3. Copy/Duplicate CDs, cassettes, videos, or DVDs—federal laws prohibit the unauthorized duplication of copyrighted material.
You can listen to or watch many of our broadcasts on our website archives.
You may contact  Thread of Hope, Inc. about buying large quantities of merchandise at a reduced rate.

4. Graphics or pictures from of Thread of Hope, Inc.— policy does not allow any grants of permission to use these graphics or pictures.

5. We cannot grant permission for you to use something Thread of Hope, Inc. that will be or is presently used by Thread of Hope, Inc.

6. We cannot grant non-specific requests.  Please be specific in what you want to reproduce.



Thread of Hope, Inc. grants permission for churches and individuals to use certain articles from our publications that were written by authors other than Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro. However, we ask  you please contact us (see below) to ask for permission.
Unless expressly stated to the contrary, all materials that Thread of Hope, Inc. grants permission to reprint, and all materials authorized for printing on the website are and shall remain the copyrighted property of Thread of Hope, Inc. Unauthorized use is prohibited. Any authorized use of the material must be for noncommercial use, must retain all copyright, trademark, and other proprietary notices, must not be modified in any way, and must not be used in such a way as indicates or implies an association of the user with Thread of Hope, Inc.


Please email us at at

or write us at 
Thread of Hope, Inc.

179 Bear Hill Road

Waltham, MA  02451


Attn: Permission to Print. Please include your specific request (publication, month and year).
Please allow at least 10 business days for an answer.
We leave much free material on our website archives, for you to share. 
We take great pride to leave free material on our website archive. In addition, we offer our magazines for free, and many other items free to those who wish to receive them.  Our desire is to help lead you into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Please follow our guidelines  which have been set up to protect 
Thread of Hope, Inc.

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