12 Weeks of Prayer Week 12 Day 1

12 Weeks of Prayer Week 12 Day 1


By Rev. Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

I waited to share this story until all the medical tests came back negative and Linda could share her story first. The miracles of God are unexplainable. They are miraculous and unbelievable. God still performs miracles and there are no logical explanations as we read in this story of the Thread of Hope, Inc. Executive Director, Linda Knowles.

It was early morning on a very cold January day. I was exercising and praying at the same time. All of a sudden, I felt God drop something into my spirit. I heard something that made me come to a dead halt. He said, “Do not be afraid. I am going to allow Linda to walk through a great trial. Do not worry, I am in this. She will be ok. I need to teach her something.”

There’s no other way to put this, I freaked out! I started to protest. “God, please, no." I began to tell Him. "Please, God, you're stressing me out. Please don’t let me go through any more stress." (I know, a bit selfish. But with a year of lockdown and my Dad passing away, I didn't need our Executive Director sick, too.) I continued to say, "God, you are spooking me out. What do you mean? What’s going to happen?” God is so incredibly kind, loving, and merciful. He said, “Her health. But My hand is upon her. Linda will be just fine."