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Written By Pastor Michael Heil

“I will restore the fortunes of my people Israel, and they shall rebuild the ruined cities and inhabit them; they shall plant vineyards and drink their wine, and they shall make gardens and eat their fruit. I will plant them on their land, and they shall never again be uprooted out of the land that I have given them,” says the Lord your God.” -Amos 9:14-15

Zechariah 2:8 “ For thus says the Lord of hosts, 'After glory He has sent Me against the nations which plunder you, for he who touches you, touches the apple of His eye.'” Whether America knows it, whether the world realizes it, even whether the church comprehends it, what President Trump has facilitated these last three years has been the fulfillment of God’s prophecy!  My generation, those old codgers with many gray hairs and quite a few wrinkles, have lived in a supernatural era of history.  We have seen the regathering of the nation of Israel, in spite of pattern of history that when a nation is scattered it never is restored.  On May 14, 1948, after God had prophesied it, Israel was regathered as a nation on the same homeland God had given them (Isaiah 43:5,6; Jeremiah 30:3; Ezekiel 34:11-13); prophesies God had given between 700 B.C. to 550 B.C.  This means from the time of God’s word of bringing His scattered people, the Jews, back to their God given land until God did it was approximately 2,648 years!  This is how perfect God’s word in scripture is, and how blessed you and I are to be living during this time.  Selah.

As wonderous and historic as God’s regathering of Israel in 1948 was, it was not without the attack of the evil one.  Immediately, upon Israel declaring their statehood as a nation, Satan moved the Arab nations to attack.  On the eve of May 14, the Arabs launched an air attack on Tel Aviv, which the Israelis resisted. This action was followed by the invasion of the former Palestinian mandate by Arab armies from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt.  However, God supernaturally protected and enabled the Israeli people to push back the Palestinian forces.  Since that time, the Arab nations have constantly and consistently attacked Israel, often using terroristic attacks killing innocent people.  The world, not understanding this was also spiritual attacks by Satan to stop God’s revelation of His King (Jesus) and establishing Him on the throne of David in Jerusalem, set about to enact a peace plan.  As far back as 1967, the world has been attempting to enact peace between the Palestinians and Israel; President Carter tried, President Clinton tried, President Bush tried, but it never held.  The Palestinians were committed to the destruction of Israel and refuse to accept Israel’s right to exist.  The struggle is simply light and darkness. God has said in scripture Israel would be regathered and usher in the reign of His King  (Jesus) after the tribulation; Satan believes, foolishly, if he can destroy Israel and the Jews, he can stop God’s kingdom on earth.

These last two years God has supernaturally allowed two events to happen regarding His plan for bringing King Jesus back:  first, God led President Trump to move the American embassy to Jerusalem.  Like so many Presidents before him, President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, President Trump while campaigning said once elected he would move the American embassy to Israel.  All the other President, upon getting elected, forgot about Israel and their promise, but not President Trump. On May 14, 2018, the United States Embassy officially relocated to Jerusalem, to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Israeli Declaration of Independence.  In so doing this, America officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which was necessary to fulfill the coming plan of God.  God had said to Moses that Israel would make their sacrifices to Him where “I will cause My name to dwell” (Deuteronomy 12:5,11; 16:6). But, when they came into the promised land, God did not reveal this place until the time of King Solomon.  For years the sacrifices offered to Jehovah God were at a mobile tabernacle, moving from place to place. But, then God led King Solomon to build a permanent temple in the city of Jerusalem around 950 B.C.  During King Solomon’s prayer of dedication of the temple, God spoke “Now it came about when Solomon had finished building the house of the LORD, and the king’s house, and all that Solomon desired to do,  2 that the LORD appeared to Solomon a second time, as He had appeared to him at Gibeon, 3 The LORD said to him, 'I have heard your prayer and your supplication, which you have made before Me; I have consecrated this house which you have built by putting My name there forever, and My eyes and My heart will be there perpetually.'”  God declared Jerusalem as the place He “put His name”; it still is.  So, when President Trump officially moved the embassy to Jerusalem, he was before the world acknowledging Jerusalem as God’s city and the Jews as God’s people.  This was (and is) a victory over Satan, and a victory for all of the earth as it paves the way for King Jesus to return to His throne in Jerusalem.

Second, on September 15, 2020  President Donald Trump hosted a historic signing ceremony for the Abraham Accords brokered by his administration, formally normalizing diplomatic relations between Israel and a pair of Arab states.  What this foretells is still to be seen, but at the very least it shows a restructuring of the Arab nations before the tribulation.  Ezekiel 38 reveals the Magog war during the tribulation period, yet it is very specific which nations will attack Israel.  Which means other Arab nations do not attack Israel.  I believe God is using President Trump to bring about alignment of nations for and against Israel in these end times.  Many scholars, referring to Israel having to “flee to the mountains” in Matthew 24:15-18, believe part of the mountains they will flee to are in Edom, an area called Petra.  In this area, God will protect them from the fire and fury of the Antichrist to destroy them.  You and I are viewing not only historical events, but spiritual events regarding the Jews and the Arabs.  What is means is, like Jesus told us, “Look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near,” (Luke 21:28).  The victory of God aligning Israel and some Arab nations is pointing to a greater, deeper, and more significant victory... the establishment of our Lord and King Jesus to the throne of David in Jerusalem.

PRAYER:  Maranatha, Lord come quickly!  Restore Your people the Jews and shine Your glory over all the earth.  Thank you for making us the end time generation You have anointed to usher in Your Kingdom.  Amen. Praise & Worship: Revelation Song By Philips, Craig & Dean:

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