24 DOP: Victory Over The Spirits of Divination and Witchcraft Day 8

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Victory Over The Spirits of Divination & Witchcraft


Written By Ellianna Citro

Editor and Writer For Thread of Hope, Inc.

“Do not defile yourselves by turning to mediums

or to those who consult the spirits of the dead.

I am the Lord your God."

Leviticus 19:31 (NLT)

The topic of the spirits of divination and witchcraft is not one to take lightly. All around the world, there are evil spirits working to devour any susceptible person. The spirits work through people who allow them into their lives, and through those people is how they take action. Many people practice witchcraft and divination directly while some have become susceptible to its influences and are led to sin and destruction. Through Samuel, the Lord instructed Saul to attack the Amalekites for what they had done to Israel. He was instructed to completely destroy the people and all of their belongings. Instead of following the Lord's commands exactly as God had said, Saul decided to spare the Amalekite king and take their best livestock. He destroyed the rest of the people and the less useful livestock.

Upon hearing from God about what Saul had done, Samuel was furious. He told Saul in 1 Samuel 15:23 "...For rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, he has rejected you as king."

Disobedience and rebellion are compared to the sin of witchcraft.

When the time came that Samuel died, Saul was so desperate for guidance. The Lord had departed from him, and Saul was now fearing the Philistine army. Despite having expelled witches, Saul now went to seek one. He was told about the witch of Endor, so he went to visit her. He requested to be able to speak with Samuel. Saul was told that he now faces these troubles because of his disobedience, and he would die the next day. Ironic how Saul, who had indeed rebelled against God, went to seek a witch for assistance.