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A Greedy Heart

“...Did not my heart go with you when the man turned back from his chariot to meet you? Is it time to receive money and to receive clothing, olive groves and vineyards, sheep and oxen, male and female servants? Therefore the leprosy of Naaman shall cling to you and your descendants forever.” And he went out from his presence leprous, as white as snow."

-2 Kings 5:26-27 A greedy heart is very deceptive. It is never satisfied and never appreciates what has been given. Let’s be honest; we all know greedy people. They all have the same things in common. They are liars and deceivers. They know how to play on your emotions and manipulate stories. Let’s look at Gehazi in this story. I was struck by the last two verses in this passage tonight. Look at what Elisha says, “Did not my heart go with you, when the man turned back to meet you?” I would not have liked to have been Gehazi at that moment. Let me explain. In the story, Elisha asked him, “Where did you go?” Gehazi said, “I did not go anywhere!” That was a complete lie with a straight face even. Oh my goodness! What was Gehazi thinking? Did he not know he was lying to a holy man, a prophet of God? You see, this is called a seared conscience. He certainly did not care about what God thought. His heart wanted the robes and the money. He was going to lie to Naaman, his soldiers, and Elisha. Greed, the love of money, power, and position corrupts the soul. It seared his heart. There’s nothing wrong to have money, be powerful, and hold high positions. In fact, God wants us to have it. The problem with Gehazi was how he obtained it. He lied, and he was greedy. God healed the Syrian man out of love and compassion. It wasn’t to receive money. You can’t buy God nor His blessings. Catch what Elisha said, “Did not my heart go with you?” You see, the Spirit of the Living God was on Elisha. God revealed the real truth in the HEART of Gehazi. I asked a friend, “How can Gehazi be in the presence of a mighty prophet like Elisha, witness so many miracles, and be so greedy and evil?” His heart was never for God and living godly. His heart was to get rich at any cost. Gehazi didn’t care about living a life of holiness and obedience before God. What a fool! Elisha even continued to say, “When the man turned back with his chariot to meet you?” Gehazi didn’t even catch it. This is how far gone he was. Please understand that sin completely blinds you. Satan is a deceiver. Those who allow the deception become deceivers, too. Elisha was saying, “I saw in the Spirit not just you and what you were doing, but I saw the man turning back to meet you." You would think Gehazi would have fallen on his knees with apologies and beg forgiveness from God and then from Elisha. You would think Gehazi would have made some or any kind attempt to make things right. This never happened because he had a heart of stone. His heart didn’t have God in it nor did he want God. Finally, and this just blows my mind, Elisha went on to say, “Is it time to receive money and to receive clothing, olive groves and vineyards, sheep and oxen, male and female servants?” Please understand this important truth here. God showed Elisha everything that Gehazi had planned. Gehazi had a plan on how to become rich. That’s why Elisha said that. Gehazi had no intention of giving the robes to the poor as he had told Naaman. God had revealed the entire ugly and evil plan to Elisha because Gehazi was pretending to be in the ministry with Elisha. Elisha now knew the truth and he wanted Gehazi to know he knew. “By the way, Gehazi God didn’t just show me you went after Naaman to take from him. But, He revealed what’s in your heart and mind to do. In other words, Gehazi your heart is far away from ministry and helping people. Here’s what God showed me. You going after Naaman, him turning around, with his entire entourage to meet you, the clothing and money that he gave you. In addition, God showed me what you were going to do with the money, too!" The Spirit of God was on Elisha, and Gehazi, with this kind of evil heart, couldn’t go with Elisha. How sad! Talk about the revelation of the heart of a person. God does not play games. God protects His own. God will not allow shame and embarrassment to touch His anointed. Gehazi, in his action, put Elisha in the wrong light, and God wasn’t going to stand by and let it happen to Elisha. God revealed what was hidden. Please understand this truth. Your actions don’t only affect you, especially when you are a part of a team. It affects those who are associated with you, your associates, your families, and your friends. Everyone gets hurt. Poor judgment is a terrible character trait. What happened next was a direct punishment from God. Elisha declared judgment, and Gehazi became leprous. Listen please, when you go after that which is evil, you will receive that which is evil. Do not deceive yourself. Gehazi ended up with the man’s fancy and expensive clothes and his money. However, he also ended up with his leprosy, the very disease Naaman was healed from. God had healed Naaman the Syrian man because he had a heart of obedience. What a contrast from the Syrian man versus the servant of the man of God, Gehazi. How could he miss it so badly? Greed and the love of money is how. Please follow me here. Elisha was the servant of Elijah. However, Elisha desired God and the things of God. Elisha was looking at Elijah his master so he could take over for him when Elijah was done on Earth. Elisha asked for a double portion of the power that was on Elijah and God granted him a double portion. Gehazi had the same opportunity to take over for Elisha when the time came. He settled for second best. He settled for doing things his way and totally missed the will of God. Gehazi died having no honor and no money with a terrible disease that separated him from everyone. He had to live outside the city gates with those who had leprosy. Listen, there’s a perfect will of God and a permissive will of God. The permissive will of God is not His perfect will. You have to want, seek, and go after His perfect will. God did not want the Syrian man, Naaman to think he had to buy his healing. That was the practice of other religions. God healed him because he had compassion, mercy, and love. Gehazi was so far away from the things of God that he portrayed God as a pagan god. Gehazi was a foolish man and he had no possible excuse for his ungodly and evil choices and actions. He suffered a terrible fate and died in a horrible manner. He sealed his own fate by his greed, which led to lying and deceitful ways. He paid a huge price. Beloved Friends, make good and godly choices. Don’t move in greed, and evil desires. This behavior becomes a breeding ground for lying, deception, corruption, and cover ups. God always uncovers the schemes of the enemy, not only exposing the sin, but He also reveals the entire intent of the heart. How embarrassing is this situation and how terrible the cost. Please go after that which is good, honest, honorable, and what it will profit for the kingdom of God. I promise God blesses abundantly. You couldn’t even fathom in your wildest imagination the great things stored for those who choose to walk in holiness and righteousness. Perhaps, this path is walked by few. It’s where I choose to walk. Go after God and He will give you all the desires of your heart. Choose God’s perfect will. You will never regret it. Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder and President

Thread of Hope


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