Be Careful What You Entertain

“She also gave some to her husband,

who was with her, and he ate it.”

Genesis 3:6

Look at that verse. “Who was with her.”

Adam was right there next to her the whole entire time.

God had graciously given Adam a beautiful wife. However, she made poor choices. She was the kind of wife that brought her husband down. You might even say, “She brought him destruction and death.” How terrible. His helpmate wasn’t a helpmate after all. She didn’t protect or honor him in her actions.

However, before all the guys go into a full-blown celebration of how terrible she was, I have something important to point out. No hate mail please. I’m bringing to our attention what’s in the Bible in black and white. Adam was right there next to her as she was making all of those poor choices, leading to total destruction. He heard and watched it all happen before his eyes. He could have stopped it. It was within his power to do so. He chose to ignore, bringing disaster upon him, her, his future children, and the rest of humanity. It affected all of us.