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“Because Abraham obeyed My voice and kept My charge, My commandments, My statutes, and My laws.” -Genesis 26:5 (ESV)

I went to bed last night really thinking about the importance of obeying God. This morning, I woke up early to spend time in God’s presence. Immediately, this scripture was brought to my mind.

I have this overwhelming desire to share this burning word God has given me with you. I pray God will enlighten your mind to understand and your ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.

This verse just hit me in a powerful way. I went searching for this verse on purpose. You see, God was speaking to Isaac here. Abraham was now gone. And God had a promise to fulfill. Isaac was the promise of God, and Isaac was old enough to remember how his dad had placed his body on the altar, ready to sacrifice him, a practice not followed by God’s people. Please understand never ever did God approve nor will ever approve of human sacrifice.

So, then, why did Abraham even try to do this? This verse answers that question. Apart from, “Abraham obeyed my voice.” God goes on to say everything else Abraham did. One thing in all this made all the difference in the world. Abraham did something extraordinary, and it jumped right at me. You know what that was? God said of him, “He kept my statutes.”

I was compelled to study the word, “Statutes.” In Biblical terminology, this word is significantly meaningful because it refers to a law that is given without any reason or justification. Did you catch that? God gave a word. It was a command to do something. Have you ever told your children to do something, and added it’s my law?” I have. Now, do you see the picture clearly?

Let’s recap the life of Abraham briefly. God tells Abraham to leave his country, family, and everything he had to go to a place he didn’t even know. What justification or reason could a sane person give for this kind of move? How about, “Take your only beloved son and sacrifice him to me?” What kind of a possible explanation and justification could he give his wife Sarah for sacrificing their son?

Do you get my point today? It should be crystal clear. God’s Voice doesn’t make sense at times. There’s no explanation as to why you are being led to do certain things. There’s no justification you can give in your defense. However, Abraham did everything God told him to do. He didn’t ask why, what, how, what if, what then, are you sure God you are in this? He simply did. These things caught the Eyes of God. Therefore, favor, promotion, blessings, and supernatural miracles were upon his life.

Let me put it this way. As the CEO of a few companies, I will go to my boards, staff, volunteers, or whoever I’m working with. I will give a report of what I’m about to implement. There are those who catch the vision immediately. There’s no need to waste time and explain every single detail in life. Sometimes, I’m taking a leap of faith. There’s no guarantee of success. In my defense, I have never been wrong on anything up to date. Success was always the outcome.

However, there’s always the “why people.” They need to know every single why. Then, there are the “what if people.” Sorry, they annoy me the most. The “what if” people don’t understand. They are afraid of failure, and I have no time or patience for this group of people. Sadly, they miss out on life’s greatest opportunities and adventures. Certainly, as a CEO, I have to take into consideration, “What if I fail?” But, you see, I don’t implement things on my own thinking. When I go to my boards and staff, I already know I’m not going to fail at what I’m suggesting. I know I will succeed.

I’m comparing myself to Abraham. After all, he is the father of us all. Joking aside, I follow everything God shows me to do. Most of the time, I have no reason and no justification as to why I’m doing some pretty crazy things. Only that I felt led by God to do it. Now, I’ll admit, sometimes I have a need to know the whys, and I even admit I have to overcome my what ifs. Notice how I said overcome my what ifs. I don’t allow the what ifs. I simply overcome them. The bottom line is: will I obey?

Here God appeared to Isaac and reminded him of the blessings he carried being Abraham’s son. I love this because God was saying, “Hey, Isaac let me tell you why I blessed your dad. Here’s all he did that caused me to shower him with blessing after blessing. You are reaping those benefits and blessings because he obeyed. Now, Isaac, let me remind you that you carry the blessings. So, Isaac, do what your dad did.” Don’t you just love the way God deals with us?

Today, God is still speaking. He speaks through His Word. Are you going to obey the voice of God? Are you going to keep His commands? There’s only ten of them. Are you going to obey His statutes? Those statutes might not have reasons or justifications. God was telling Isaac what the secret of his dad was. He wants all of our obedience without asking the whys and the what ifs. There are things He will never show us ahead of time. Our obedience in doing what He asks will determine the blessings we will receive.

Obey everything, including His statutes. Learn to move in the Spirit.

Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder and President

Thread of Hope, Inc.

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