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Change Begins With You

Too often we make promises to ourselves about making changes in our lives. We can easily make excuses when we fail or do not try to make the changes that are necessary for our lives.

Resolutions are a dime a dozen, and it is said that approximately 40 percent keep their resolutions. So that means 60 percent have failed or given up on their promise to themselves or to others.

You know the kind of promises and commitments we make, especially for the New Year, no more eating junk food, but only healthy food. The diet, exercising regularly, no drinking, compulsive gambling, or no more drug abuse starts now! No sooner than you get out of the gate, you trip up and fall flat on your face. Bad habits are so hard to break, and the sad thing is that we make such ridiculous excuses to justify why we cannot do it.

You may be saying, “My kids drive me to drink,” or it's my spouse or partner is why I take drugs, drink or even overeat to oblivion. Some children and adult children even blame parents for their own dysfunction as well. The pandemic is a good excuse now to justify our bad habits or sinful actions. The stress is just too much!

When you look into the mirror today who do you see? I am not talking about the external you, but the internal you. The heart in you, the real you. Are you still trying to bury the pain and hurt after all these darn years? Are you still blaming others and making excuses for your own failure and disappointments?

If change comes to your life it has to start with you and you only. No more excuses! Even to the believer, we can easily make excuses and why we do not live a victorious Christian life and make the same excuses why we live and enjoy our sin.

"But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says and not just be a hearer. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves." As James said in the New Testament. “For if you listen to the word and don’t obey, it is like glancing at your face in a mirror. You see yourself, walk away, and forget what you look like. But if you look carefully into the perfect law that sets you free, and if you do what it says and don’t forget what you heard, then God will bless you for doing it.” -James 1:22‭-‬25 NLT

If you desperately desire and want real change then you must allow the power of God’s love to come into your heart and guide your life. It is not necessarily just willpower. “Jesus Christ is just not some 'higher power,' but He is the power of the Most High God.” If we allow God to examine us and confess our need for Him, He will guide us, lead us, and fill us with His strength and grace to overcome some of our most challenging obstacles. You must be determined to get up and keep moving forward because God cares and listen to your deepest needs and failures.

If you already broke your promise and resolution so what! Stop listening to the negative voices and lies of the devil and get back up on your feet because "Greater is He, God that is in you, than he that is in this world," and "We have been made more than conquerors in Christ."

My Friend, You can do this, but you must stop making excuses and be accountable. It takes a lot of humility, self-discipline, steadfastness, loyalty, and commitment. So, arise and face yourself and face your world today!!!

Pastor Andy Provitola

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