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Climbing Diamond Head in High Heels: Come Up!

Climbing Diamond Head in High Heels: Come Up!

By Rev. Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

“...Come up here, and I will show you things which must take place after this.” Revelation 4:1

As I was climbing the stairs last night, God reminded me of my climb to Diamond Head, Hawaii. Kind of weird really, because climbing a few stairs is nothing like climbing that volcano, but God had a message for me and you today.

Diamond Head is one of the most rewarding hikes you could possibly take. This volcano is located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Once on top of the volcano, you will experience the most amazing 360-degree views, breathtaking, gorgeous, and exhilarating views of the entire island.

Let me give you a little more information. When you’re looking at it from the bottom, it’s intimidating. It’s gigantic, all the rock lava. It’s overwhelming, really. A person might feel like it’s too much effort and a waste of a day. In other words, it’s deceiving. The entire climb to the 760 foot summit takes between 40-60 minutes. A total of 1.6 miles round trip. I’m a runner, and so to me that’s a piece of cake. To others, it’s exhausting.

Would you believe that I climbed Diamond Head wearing high heels? I was leaving the hotel for the airport. The hotel manager came to say goodbye to me. He thanked me for picking their hotel and walked me to the limo that was waiting for me. He introduced me to my driver. As we continued to say goodbye, my driver overheard me say “I did everything I wanted to do but three things. I couldn’t scuba dive because there happened to be great white sharks. I couldn’t go surfing because of the hurricane off to sea. And I ran out of time to climb Diamond Head. Once in the limo, the driver asked me if I wanted to climb Diamond Head, he would drive me and wait for me. That was really nice of him.

Well, my flight was taking off at night. So I had lots of time. I agreed. He said, “I’ll open the trunk to get your shoes.” I’m laughing even now. “What shoes are you talking about?” I said. He asked “Don’t you have sneakers with you?” I laughed at his comment. I said, “No, I don’t.” He responded, “Ms. Citro, you cannot climb Diamond Head in those shoes you’re wearing!” You know it. I climbed Diamond Head in open toe heels, about 4 inches tall. I know; But I did it!

God brought this to my mind tonight because I had just finished a conversation with a good friend of mine. I told her that I wasn’t sure I can do what we discussed. “I will try.” I said. As I was now climbing up the stairs, God said, “What do you mean you will try? I want you to come higher with me. Remember Diamond Head? You climbed to the top in high heels. I protected you even though that wasn’t a smart thing you did. If you could do that, you can do what I’m asking you to do.” I stopped dead on the steps. I knew exactly what God was asking of me.

My pictures are all packed away. So, I looked on the web for pictures to show you of that climb. Was the climb difficult? Yes, because I wasn’t wearing proper shoes or clothing. I wasn’t dressed for a volcano mountain climb. I looked nothing like those who I met on that climb. I stood out like a sore thumb. I got weird looks and heard a few comments. Some women made not nice comments. Others said things to the guys they were with, but I kept my head down and kept climbing until I got to the top. Wow, what an incredibly beautiful view. It was so amazing. The view was spectacular. Heaven on earth. It was worth it all, the pain, the uncomfortableness, the sly remarks, and the weird looks.

See, here’s the thing. When God calls us higher, it’s going to cost us. We will look peculiar. We will look weird to some. There will be gossip and murmuring, both in front of you and behind your back. Things will be said. Attitudes will be seen, but going higher with God is going to cause all that, plus some. It will mean that people will be mad, will accuse you, will shun you, will make fun of you, and many times will no longer be your friend. It’s all good. Keep your head low, watch how you walk so you don’t stumble and fall, and keep climbing higher. Go to the top. Ignore, forgive, and go higher anyway.

Friends, my message is very deep tonight, but extremely clear to understand. When God calls you to Himself, you will have to let go and forfeit many things. Most of the time it’s people. Some people are there not to see you reach the top, but to distract you from where God wants you to be. They are not there to bless you and spur you on. The opposite is true.

Two years ago, there was a prophetic word spoken over my life. “I have called you to come to the top of the mountain. You are to meet Me there. Are you willing to come higher? Not everyone that’s with you can go with you. Are you willing to let go? Are you willing to come higher with Me? I have chosen you to come to the very top of the mountain. Are you willing to come? Will you let go of everything you are so tightly holding on to to meet with Me? Only on the mountain top can you see your destiny.” I shortened what was actually prophesied. You get the point, I’m sure.

I have replayed this word over and over in my mind. I knew two years ago what God was going to do. My spirit knew it. I said, “Yes, Lord, I know this will cost me, but You are worth everything. I will do everything You ask of me.” There were people around me when that word was spoken. Tonight, God reminded me of a vacation I had over 20 years ago in Hawaii. That tied all this in. The incident that happened today, the vacation I took 20 years ago, and the word God gave me two years ago. It all came together in one sudden moment. That’s how God does it.

Dear Friends, I believe this word is not just for me. God calls many to go up the mountain. Abraham had to go to the mountain. Moses went to the mountain. Elijah went to the mountain. Caleb picked the biggest mountain to conquer. And Jesus Himself went to the mountain to pray.. it’s on the mountain that God showed Himself to all these people.

Please catch this. Do not miss what the Spirit of God is saying today. The transfiguration also took place on top of the mountain, too. Did you know Mount Hermon is the highest in the area? It’s located near Caesarea Philippi.

In all these encounters, it’s the mountain top where God met with humans.

The glory of God was revealed on the mountain top. The glory of God passed by Moses, where he saw the finger of God write the Ten Commandants. The incredible encounter Abraham and Isaac had with God as Isaac was about to be slaughtered. It’s where Elijah heard the still small voice. Caleb actually conquered the mountain against the inhabitants of those days. Jesus spent the whole night praying on the mountain. He began His ministry by calling His disciples immediately after He came down.

Finally, let’s talk about the transfiguration. That incredible experience took place on the mountain. Peter, James, and John were the only three of the 12 disciples to see Jesus shine as bright as the sun. They heard the voice of almighty God as clear as day, declaring Jesus as the Son of God. The revelation took place there. The mountain top. There they met two dead people, Moses and Elijah. You see the importance of going higher? Going to the mountain of God is everything. Obviously I’m speaking figuratively here.

That volcano climb of mine was worth everything. High heels and all dressed up. What I saw was breathtaking and forever engraved in my mind. But my personal encounters I had on the mountain of God is worth everything. I do not care who chooses to walk away from me. I don’t care who is making fun of me. Who cares who believes or who doesn’t? It’s irrelevant because I know God. My love for God and His approval is all I want. I have tasted of his goodness and I have been the recipient of his mercy, love, and grace. I can’t, nor am I willing to give up what I see, hear, and taste on the mountain of transfiguration. It’s my entire existence. I’m so grateful for everything God has done for me.

As beautiful as my Diamond Head pictures are of the island of Oahu, nothing compares to my personal mountain of transfiguration between me and my God. “No good thing will be withheld from those who walk uprightly.” Remember that when you’re going up the mountain. Keep climbing higher and higher. Don’t allow mockers to steal that. It’s ok to let people go if that’s what they choose.

I’m excited for this upcoming year. Choose God above everything.


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