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Discipline in the Family

“Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too difficult for Me?”

Jeremiah 32:27

Among the many lessons taught within the context of family is the lesson of equipping our children to hear challenging words without feeling disconnected to us, to respond to teaching without turning a deaf ear.

Within today’s text is the story of how God chose to deal with the children of Israel in their persistent refusal to obey God’s teaching and abuse his patience. This serious moment of discipline, leveled against the children of Israel, ends with a reminder that nothing is too difficult for God and that God’s commitment to them remains unbroken. God even promises to “restore their fortunes.” So, what does this tell us about family exactly? When you belong to a family, there needs to be an understanding of who is in charge; with that comes times of rebuke and times of encouragement, times of discipline and times of reward. It’s unpopular to talk about rebuke and encouragement, discipline and reward, and yet God models this with his own children.


Heavenly Father, I am your child. I submit myself to your authority and choose this day to honor you in what I say and do. Open my ears to hear you better. Help me to lead my family well, to show grace where needed and be approachable at all times. Amen.


Have I silenced God’s voice of rebuke or his discipline in my life?


Try communicating a moment of A.W.E. with a family member.

A - Here's something I appreciate about you

W - Here's something I want for our relationship

E - Here's how I feel about you

Pastor Jonathan DiStaulo

Licensed Professional Counselor

Foundations Counseling & Consulting LLC

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