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Generation To Come By Dr. Gregory R. Reid

"This shall be written for the generation to come." (Psalm 102: 18a)

All of us are "writing" something with our lives. Our life is a spiritual story. At the end, what will it say? What will the title of the book be? "He lived for himself alone." "She was a prisoner of her past." "They loved the world more than Jesus." "He ran from God's call." What will it be? Oh Father, let none of these be written! Let it be rather, "He finished the course." "She gave her heart to all who were hurting." "They cared for the orphan and the lonely."

God has given you the blank pages, the writing instruments, and the time. He has provided all you need to write a glorious book of your life you can pass on to the next generation. But what is written is up to you alone. You can write a thin, selfish little volume filled with emptiness and shallow thoughts, or a full and rich living chronicle of Jesus Christ alive in you.

The next generation of readers awaits your decision!

Rev. Dr. Gregory R Reid

Excerpt from Treasure from the Master's Heart by Rev. Dr. Gregory R Reid

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