Being balanced usually keeps us in line or at least moving straight ahead at an even pace.

Have you ever driven really fast in your car only to find the steering shot, the car or truck vibrating and wobbling like some carnival ride?

You realize the front-end alignment is out of whack and it needs to be aligned properly.

There are times in our lives we need an adjustment or realignment because we lost our balance and did not realize that our life was out of control and off the rails. When a major crisis or event hits you like a loss of a loved one, a divorce, a financial upheaval, or maybe a nervous breakdown or chronic depression, etc.

You may feel like doing absolutely nothing, being lonely or anti-social, like going out with friends or coworkers. You might even pull the shades down on a beautiful sunny day and just stay in bed because you are so depressed. Alcohol sales were through the roof the past 18 months due to Covid 19, and you may not realize how much you have been drinking or taking excess prescription drugs.

Perhaps you feel trapped, and you are experiencing this “I don’t care attitude”, but the reality is that you may need help and don’t even realize it.

I want to encourage you to get the help you need. Call a trusted friend or coworker. Get up and get dressed and get some fresh air and maybe even some exercise. Look to the Lord for strength and hope. God knows what you are going through and is there with you, waiting for you to look to Him (Jes