"God brings His children to broad places."

What are broad places? Swedenborg tells us that in terms of measurement, height relates to the desire for good and breadth relates to the knowledge of truth. Following that, something that is “broad” has a great capacity for truth, and a “broad place” or “broad land” is one where a large amount of truth can be learned and understood, one where a mind can expand.

Swedenborg is right on! It should be no surprise to us then to understand and clearly comprehend that God's desire is to bring us and lead us to all truth. God, who created our innermost being, knows the capacity of our mind, heart, and being. He constantly wants to reveal His truth in our lives.

We cannot follow a God that we don't know. Imagine marrying someone you don't know, nor care to know, just so that you are married. How many marriages are like that? Sad to say, way too many. How many times have we heard, "I didn't know this about this person"?

Well, we, too, can know that there is a God, but we don't know this God we worship. Sad to say, many people go to a place of worship, but they don't know who this God that they worship truly is. It's all about traditions and rituals. Fearful that if they don't meet these expectations, God will not bless them. God is not about traditions and rituals. He is all about truth and sin. He's a relational God.

God wants us to know Him. He wants us to understand who He is and what He's capable of doing in our lives. He wants to expand your places, to bring you into broad spaces of understanding and living a life that is blessed. We cannot expect to live a life of blessings without obeying His laws, and they are not many; Ten rules to follow, the Ten Commandments. Are they really that hard to follow? Even heathens don't like to be cheated, lied to, and murdered. Let's get real. Who here wants people to use them, hurt them, steal from them, or lie to them? Can we at least agree up to here? Mostly, who wants their spouse to cheat on them? I venture to say that at the very least, no man or woman wants their spouse to cheat on them.

Too often people perceive the blessed life to be a trial-free, no pain, no hurts, no temptations life. This is not true. We paint a picture of a Santa Claus God, and then our expectations are crushed when something bad happens in our lives. God promises over and over that He will be with His people in their troubles, and He promises to deliver them from all trouble. In the worst of trials, He is there. He uses the bad and ugly, and He turns our mourning into joy.

Yes, God blesses, and God still allows things to happen to who we think are good people. It's called the sovereignty of the all-knowing, all-seeing God. He is a healer and restorer; He upholds us with His righteous hand. We are safe in His hands no matter what.