He is There Walking with You!

Today, as I was out exercising, I had a God moment. It was so overwhelming. I felt engulfed in His indescribable love. God wanted me to know He walks beside me, and He wants you to know He walks beside you, too. I was so taken by this revelation that I took out my cell and took a photo of my shadow to share with you as a visual.

God was just downloading into my Spirit all sorts of truths. We cannot physically see God and live. Yet, He walks with us. We know God walked with many people, starting with Adam. Others are Enoch, Noah, and Abraham, just to name a few. The truth is God walks with His people. The question we must ask is, “Who does He walk with?” The answer is very simple. God is always walking with the righteous. These are people who are in right standing with Him. They live lives of holiness and godliness before Him. These kinds of people are blessed.

Please understand that being blessed does not mean a life with no trials and temptations. It simply means a life that stands out in the midst of the trials and temptations because we are overcomers through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We live lives that bring God glory.

Speaking of lives that bring God glory, let’s take a look at Moses. Moses wanted God to walk with him. He said that he would not go anywhere if God would not go with him. God showed Moses favor. He told Moses that He would go with him as he led the people into the Promised Land.

Moses wasn’t content with just having God go with him. He took it to the next level.

Let’s read this incredible encounter between God and Moses.