Image The Positive Way

The word for today is "IMAGE."

My children and those closest to me would tell you this word is listed in the book of “Teresa's Favorite Words.” It’s a word I use daily but in a positive way.

During one of my devotional times, this word came so strong on my mind, and I decided to do a dictionary search to fully understand its meaning. Webster’s Dictionary describes image as “a representation or similitude of any person or thing, formed of a material substance...”

Immediately, I thought of this passage in Genesis 1:27 which states, “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them...”

Take a good look at the meaning of this word.

First, it’s a “representation.” I tell my children before they leave the house the following. “Remember who you are, who you're representing, and remember WHO is watching you. Carry my name well!”