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Image The Positive Way

The word for today is "IMAGE."

My children and those closest to me would tell you this word is listed in the book of “Teresa's Favorite Words.” It’s a word I use daily but in a positive way.

During one of my devotional times, this word came so strong on my mind, and I decided to do a dictionary search to fully understand its meaning. Webster’s Dictionary describes image as “a representation or similitude of any person or thing, formed of a material substance...”

Immediately, I thought of this passage in Genesis 1:27 which states, “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them...”

Take a good look at the meaning of this word.

First, it’s a “representation.” I tell my children before they leave the house the following. “Remember who you are, who you're representing, and remember WHO is watching you. Carry my name well!”

My kids are pretty humorous. They mimic me with each other repeating this saying as we are leaving our house. They are children, so they are still too young to fully comprehend exactly what this means. So, I laugh along with them when they are standing in front of our door, ready to go out, and one of them starts to tell the other that phrase. However, they get the message pretty well. Watch yourself!

The second word in this definition is similitude. It means likeness, resemblance, and qualities. You see, how important we are to God? We were created in his image. Every word spoken, every action, everything we do, we are representing and resembling him. Especially in the household of faith. The world is watching, and they should. This nonsense we’re not perfect is ridiculous. It’s not about being perfect. It’s all about doing what is right. Many people who don’t know God have good common sense. The point is we who claim to know God should act like it or keep Him out of our own stupidity.

To me, Image is everything. I don’t mean fake image. I’m of the belief you don’t have to fake anything, and you can’t fake who you are anyway. Your words and actions reveal who you are very quickly.

I like to be very genuine. To some, this might be seen as a weakness. To me this is one of my greatest points. I’m exactly who you hear and watch. I’m very concerned about my image because I’m representing God, and God created you and me in HIS image. This is our life that we are talking about. I want to live mine extremely well.

Therefore, I remember and keep in the front of my mind always His qualities are in me. I resemble Him. I was created in His likeness. So, you bet I’m concerned with everything I do and what is thought of me by the ones who are watching.

Let’s break it down. God is expecting us to be kind, caring, loving, and helping others along the way just to list a few. He’s also expecting us to follow His rules. They’re only a few. Ten to be exact. By the way, most of those ten are all about honoring and respecting other people. Did you know that?

To wrap it up. Image is everything, not just to me. Ask any company you want and see what they have to say about, “Image.” I’m one of those sticklers as the Chief Executive Officer of one, and Founder and President of another. Ask my staff at either of the two and you will hear them say my famous last words, “I worked very hard to bring this organization where it is. Don’t embarrass me!” It’s my subtle warning in a joking way, but they know I mean business. I’m not really joking.

God isn’t joking either. Everything we do represents Him. God is more interested in aiming at making you into a masterpiece of His perfection. It’s all about Him producing a product that fully represents His awesome image; and you and I get to enjoy our lives and bask in the honor it brings. God was always generous to make it all about us.

I don’t know about you, but me? I’m totally in awe that an awesome God would love His creation so much He would engrave His image in us. This act of love and humbleness from the One who gave me life only makes me want to do everything in my power to reflect His image in me in a strong way. I want to bring Him honor. Just like I tell my kids, “Please honor me in your actions and words,” I want to do the same not just for my amazing parents but for my awesome God.

How are you going to represent your Heavenly Father today? Remember this definition of image and you will have no problem following through. God honors us back when we choose to honor Him in everything we do and say. He’s watching, and He’s listening.

Rev. Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder and President

Thread of Hope, Inc.

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