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By Rev. Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder and President of Thread of Hope, Inc.

“His wife Jezebel said to him, “Aren’t you king of Israel? Get up, eat, and cheer up. I’ll give you the vineyard belonging to Naboth from Jezreel.” -1 Kings 21:7

“I will give you the vineyard.” What a statement. I wonder if Ahab knew his wife would bring disaster to him and his children? Talk about a horrible and evil wife, Jezebel takes first prize. There’s a saying, “Behind every great man, there’s a great woman.” For King Ahab this was not true. Jezebel contributed greatly to the disaster and downfall of her husband, her children, and ultimately, herself.

King Ahab, wanted the land owned by Naboth. Naboth didn’t want to sell his ancestors land. Ahab went home sulking. Jezebel took matters into her evil hands. She was going to forcefully take that which didn’t belong to her, “To give her husband.” She came up with a wicked and evil plan. She set up Naboth. She had him become a leader, and then she had two men lie about him, which resulted in Naboth’s murder.

One would think a great wife would be encouraging her husband by telling him God has greater lands for him to have, higher heights to climb, partnering with him to achieve just that, helping him be the king he should be, leaving legacies. However, Jezebel did not do that. Instead, she tells him she would give him something that didn’t belong to her, bringing disaster to him, their children, and herself. What’s even sicker was he doesn’t ask her how she was going to do it. He knew his wife. He knew what she was capable of, and he knew she was a murderer. Yet, he doesn’t say anything. He just lets her create havoc in the life of an innocent man and bring disaster and death upon his own household. All because he desired that which didn’t belong to him and couldn’t take no for an answer. He didn’t have the common sense to stop his evil wife. What a foolish and shameless man.

Naboth was killed by the lies the two men said who were hired by Jezebel. Jezebel told her husband, “Hurry up, Naboth is dead go take your land.” Ahab, immediately, gets up and goes to take the land, never asking questions, and obviously, knowing what she had done. He wasn’t banking on God watching this whole thing nor was God going to look the other way at this evil committed by Jezebel and the acceptance by Ahab.

Friends, sometimes it looks like the lies said against us are believed. Even more hurtful is when people believe and take which is said and take it to the next level: The assassination of our character and reputation. We sometimes find that all of a sudden, those who used to be in our circle are now our enemies. We are innocent and have been set up by lies, deception, and manipulation. And nobody is asking questions. They just allow, accept, and participate in the slander and the gossip.

I’m here to tell you, God is watching, and God isn’t going to let anyone get away with lies in any way, shape, or form against the innocent. This set up of Jezebel's caused her life and the lives of her children. God made a pronouncement and it was over for her. About 3 years later, her own eunuchs turn on her and threw her out a window where she plunged to a terrible death.

I don’t like stories like this. They bother me, but as I read this story, it reminded me of just how evil some people are. It reminded me that justice prevails all the time. It reminded me that God defends, protects, and brings justice. God has final word. It reminded me evil is short lived. What a person sows, they will receive.

Ahab and Jezebel were a terrible king and queen, an evil couple bringing upon themselves God’s judgment. She really did, “I will give you...” dishonor, disgrace, destruction, humiliation, and death to her husband. Any guy want to sign up for this kind of a wife? I think not. They were toxic leaders and to each other. They lived a life of no honor and no blessings. They died horrific deaths, and Jezebel wasn’t even buried properly she was eaten by animals. She is remembered by people in disgust. There’s no mother who even would think about calling her daughter Jezebel. So terrible of a woman, not even the name she carried is used.

Let’s be very careful of the type of person we become. Let’s be people of honor instead of disgrace. Let’s not steal what doesn’t belong to us. Let’s encourage others to be better. Let’s determine characteristics we will never accept or seek for ourselves. Let’s determine we will never stoop so low to lie, cheat, manipulate, and betray confidences. Let’s determine to never accept or do evil. Let’s determine to not look the other way when those in our lives want to do the unthinkable. Let’s determine to be better, honoring God, and respecting ourselves.

Ahab in this story repented, God in His mercy didn’t do to him all that was predicted by the prophet Elijah. However, in the end, Ahab died a terrible death himself, and the wrath of God fell on his son and his descendants. I know I’m talking about an gruesome story here. But it serves as a reminder to watch ourselves and do no evil to innocent and godly people. It might seem like evil is advancing, but in the end, God avenges. Let’s be men and women of honor, dignity, and all forms of godliness.



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