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Learn to Soar

My favorite bird is the eagle! They are filled with strength, they are fearless, and they are wise. They are the only bird that uses the storm to pick themselves off the ground and then fly above it. They actually wait eagerly for a storm to hit, and then they position themselves in the midst of a fierce storm. In fact, the more it storms, the better they like it. What can we learn from them? Whatever the storm in your life, learn to soar in it. Be filled with the strength of the Lord, and don't be afraid. If God takes you into a storm, He will take you above it, and make you soar in it. Be blessed, My Friends, and remember those who wait on God will renew their strength; they will run and not be weary; They shall walk and not faint! Glory to God!

Rev. Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

President and Founder

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