Lost in Verona Italy: Steps Led of God



By Rev. Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

God has burned this word into my heart and spirit today. It's a bit long, but read anyway.

I’m notorious for getting lost. Yes, I’ve done the corn maze. I got lost in there, too. Go ahead, laugh at me.

When I’m outside the country, I like to blend in. I can see you rolling your eyes, those of you who have traveled with me. I can hear you even through social media, “Seriously? Give it up, you will never blend in!” Hey, I still try.

Regardless, I’m constantly getting lost here and abroad. Furthermore, I rarely take tours. I love the adventure of finding the sights on my own. It's a bit challenging when I don’t speak their language, but someone is always ready to help me.

Yes, people, I got lost in Verona, Italy. I wanted to go to Juliet’s Tomb. Juliet’s Balcony was challenging, but Juliet's Tomb took a couple of hours of walking to find it. But, I found it! I love the thrill, and so the more challenging, the better.

On my way to find Juliet’s Tomb, I saw countless churches. I couldn’t go by. I stopped at every single church there was. Yes, dozens. I went inside every single church, not just in Italy. Then I came to the last church before Juliet’s Tomb. I walked in, but this time, I went to the altar. I sat on a pew and spent some time in prayer as my colleague waited patiently at the back for me.

I was praying for a while like I had forgotten my mission of going to Juliet’s Tomb. Then as I went to leave the altar, my eyes fell on this gentleman sitting in a pew to my