My April Saturday Red Light Stop Moment

My April Saturday Red Light Moment

Written By Rev. Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro, Founder/President of Thread of Hope, Inc.

“During that night the Lord said to Gideon,

'Get up. Go down against the camp.

I am going to hand it over to you.'"

Judges 7: 9

God gave me this story last Monday morning. As I read it again, the verse above caught my attention. You know why? Because God always reveals the schemes of the enemy. In April, I had gone for a drive. I was worshiping God and praying. I will never forget that moment. As I approached the police station in that town, the light turned red. As I stopped, God spoke to me. He said, “You are going to receive a letter (gave me the name of the person) and this what the letter will say (He told me everything the letter would contain.) Do NOT fight back. Do NOT answer it. Do NOT acknowledge it. Ignore it. Let that person go ahead and have it. The battle is NOT for you to fight. The offense is NOT against you, it’s against ME. The evil is disgusting before my nostrils.”

I was in so much shock that I couldn’t even go when red light turned to green. Cars were beeping at me to go. I, immediately, called my friend Linda. I told her what God just said. “Linda, please tell me I heard wrong. It can’t be!” Linda said, “Teresa, since when have you been wrong in what God tells you?”

Three days later I walked into my office and I was told a registered letter arrived for me. I didn’t have to wonder who sent it or why. God had told me the evil plan that was plotted against me and what I was to do. I was prepared and I did exactly how God instructed me. God even made the provision in a miraculous way for me.

It was one year later God opened up Citro Cosmetics and Skin Care as well as Citro Collection Fine Jewelry. In addition, I got licensed and ordained as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I initiated none of these things. They were dropped onto my lap. You see, the plan was to end the call God had on my life, shut my mouth, and cut off my calling, except they failed to understand my life is not my own. It belongs to Almighty God. It is yielded to the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s no longer what I want but what God wants. Therefore, there are purposes, plans, and a destiny for me to fulfill as it is with you, too. Get this clearly. When you belong to Him, no hand can stand against you just as it was with Gideon.