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Please Listen Carefully

“For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.” (Luke 8:17)

My word today is not the typical warm and fuzzy. However, it’s one that must be addressed. I have tried to keep it in, but the Holy Spirit is leading me to release it. I’m going to obey and do it. If this is you, please take heed. Do not challenge God!

In the last few months, God was trying very hard to show me some hard truths. I had been asking myself some questions as I was observing what was around me. I always like to give benefit of the doubt. What's worse is that I always blame me for maybe “misreading” the situations. Let’s blame it on my upbringing as it was so instilled in me, “Be sure it’s not you!”

It took a car accident for God to get my attention, a terrible car accident the night a car came to hit me on purpose. The intention of that driver was to cut me off, so I would hit their car. I might be crazy at times, but this time, I was sure I wasn’t. What that driver did made absolutely no sense. None! When the police got there, I told them, “That car did that on purpose, and I don’t understand why!” They asked, “Do you have enemies?” My response was, “Not that I know of, and no, it wasn’t done because the person knew me. It was a random act.” The police first looked at me strangely. Then, they looked at the massive accident. They said how close we got, like less of an inch, a hair from the airbags deploying and getting seriously injured.

I got home. After calming down, I started praying. God, why did that car accelerate, coming at me on purpose so I would hit it? No answer. Two days later, I was in my new car, and guess what? Another car accident! Immediately, God spoke to me by asking a question, and then told me what to do.

Lately, we have heard ridiculous attacks against Christianity. Let’s set the record straight. The Christian faith is all about a relationship between God and man/woman. Prayer is not just a list of requests you make. It’s not a one-way relationship. You pray, and then you wait to hear what the Spirit has to say. No, you don’t hear an audible voice. It’s a thought, or thoughts God brings to your mind. They are never to go hurt or destroy people or yourself. They might be encouraging, rebuking, corrections, exaltations, or warnings. For me, it was a strong warning. I hadn’t done anything wrong, but I was paying attention to someone that was, and God wasn’t going to have it. He was getting ready to cut the cord and show me He does NOT look the other way when those we are close to sin!

God will never allow the sins we commit to stay a secret especially when the people are pretending to follow God. I am in shock every single time I see people pretending to be godly while outside the “Facebook Eyes” they are doing the unthinkable. They pass themselves as holy and wise, letting people admire their holiness, pretending to live by the book and a life of surrender to God.

Listen, we all face temptations. Please don’t lie to yourself that you don't. Our flesh is constantly fighting against doing what is right in the eyes of God. This is normal, but to pretend you're all godly and holy while committing the sin is direct defiance against God.

Let me remind us, “God will not be mocked,” and when God removes His protection from us, there will be no blessings while we look the other way from our sin.

Regarding the warning towards what we are doing against Him. God always warns us when we are heading down a path of destruction. If we ignore the warnings, disaster awaits. Then it’s too late. Is there forgiveness? Absolutely! Will there be consequences, sorrow, regret, and embarrassment caused due to our arrogant behavior towards the sin? Absolutely!

Let’s remember this passage today. “Nothing is hidden that will not be revealed.” Oh, be careful what you allow in your life. I don’t mean sins only. I’m talking about who you associate yourself with, too. God will never excuse, conceal, or hide sins. God never allowed King David to get away with his sins, and he was described by God as being a man after God's own heart.

Imagine, what He does with us!

Rev. Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder and President

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