By Rev. Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

I had an epiphany today.

Forgiveness is critical to how our lives end both emotionally and physically. Bitterness, anger, and hate are all tied to unforgiveness. These emotions are destructive to our mental health and our physical well being.

Satan uses ungodly behaviors in people to try and bring us down. This why we cannot hate anyone. They don’t know their behaviors are orchestrated by the father of lies to tear down and destroy the innocent. Yes, it’s true they are responsible for their actions. However, we must remember godly people don’t display these characteristics. On the other hand, ungodly people do. You see, they don’t care about you when they don’t care or respect themselves. This should make you feel sad and sorry for them. They are completely deceived. They are in a dangerous place.

Therefore, we are not dealing with children of light. This means they are deceived because of choices they have made to follow the father of lies and darkness. When we look at people who hurt us from this lens, we open our hearts to pity them. Really, it’s sad to see they will end in destruction. Hating, getting angry, and revenge is not the answer. It’s counterproductive. This doesn’t help you or them.

So what’s the answer? Prayer a