REMINDER: The Call of the Believer

Testimony of God’s goodness,

love, and mercy

A number of months ago, I received a private text. It read, “I need you to pray for a friend of mine. She is pregnant and going to the doctors. They are saying she has to have an emergency operation. The baby is in danger. She told me what the issue was. “Please pray she’s scared.” I wrote out the prayer in faith, believing God would touch this little baby, and sent to her to read to her friend. However, something was different in my Spirit. I knew this baby would not require the operation. I felt God heard that prayer and Himself took that bone and placed it where it needed to be, away from the vital organs. This was going to be a testimony of God’s healing touch.

As I was opening the door, God spoke to me, “Go back and tell her no operation and miraculously healed. I responded. God, I don’t know this woman not even her name." But I went and sent her the message “Oh ok. Great. If any issues the baby ok. Well, I’m going to pray no operation and miraculously gone in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.” Now, I was asking God to miraculously, put that bone of that unborn baby back to place supernaturally, without the operation, I now waited to hear back. “NO SURGERY NEEDED AND HER AND THE BABY WILL BE OK! Thank you so much again for your prayers!!!”

Then I was reminded what Jesus said, “And he called the twelve together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal,” (Luke 9:1-2).

This command was just not for them, but it’s for us as well. Jesus was saying to them, “Hey Guys, I’m giving you this authority to do that which I have done. I’m going back to Heaven, but I’m empowering you to carry out My duties here on Earth. Go! Heal the sick, and cure all diseases, not some, but ALL. In addition, cast out demons. Send them back to hell and be