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REMINDER: The Lord Laughs At Them


Rev. Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

Founder and President at Thread of Hope, Inc.

”Listen to the filth that comes from their mouths; their words cut like swords 'After all, who can hear us?” they sneer. But Lord, you laugh at them. You scoff at all the hostile nations.'” -Psalm 59: 7-8

A few days ago, I received in a private message which contained Psalm 59.

I would encourage you to read it. I think I read this Psalm so many times. What jumped up at me was, “But Lord, you laugh at them.”

If you want to hurt me, I admit there's only one way: Lie about me! It’s really the only way you can hurt me. I don’t care about anything else. Yesterday, I took inventory of myself. I realized this is a recurring problem in my life. I really, really care about what others think. This had become a huge barrier in my life. Most of this is due to my upbringing. I’ve written about this so many times. I hate that Italian saying “What will the people say” as if “the people” are so much superior than me.

Yesterday, this came to an end for me. I pray it will for you, too.

This Psalm was written by David before he became king. Saul was after him because Saul hated David with a passion. So what was David’s crime that an entire army believed he should be killed? Nothing! He did absolutely nothing!

David was helping a man that had lost his mind, Saul. It was Saul that took David and wouldn’t let him go. It was David who played the harp to keep Saul from going insane. It was David who beat the giant Goliath on Saul’s behalf. It was David, who was praised for beating the tens of thousands, not Saul for the thousands. It was God’s anointing on David, and not on Saul. God had chosen David, not Saul. Clearly, we can see a picture of what was happening. Jealous people are out for blood. Turning people against you is where it starts.

Now, Saul, the very person David had helped was going after him to kill him nevertheless. The very army David had fought with and won their battles were out there believing the lies of a delusional man. So, I ask, how could the leaders of the army believe these lies? Like no one else could see Saul was crazy? How in the world could this be happening to a man who saved Israel and was keeping the King from totally losing his mind? It was Saul who went after David to help him. Remember, “Who can I get to play for me.”

After all the good David had done, including keeping him from totally losing his mind, Saul decides to kill David. What a foolish, unappreciative, twisted, evil, and insane man Saul was. David couldn’t believe what was happening. He says in this very chapter, “They have set an ambush for me. Fierce enemies are out there waiting, Lord, though I have not sinned or offended them. I have done nothing wrong yet they prepare to attack me. Wake up! See what is happening and help me!” David was hurting and badly.

What Saul and the rest of the foolish people after him didn’t realize was, “But Lord, you laugh at them. You scoff at all the hostile nations.” Ok, this statement is a you-better-stop-immediately-and-take-good-hard-look-at-what-you're-doing statement. In other words, cut it out. Stop! Halt! Turn your attitude around now. If you ever meant business with someone, you might even have used these words. I have. Ask my family, friends, or colleagues in a meeting. If you see my hand up, it means I had enough. If you hear my sarcastic laugh, and If you push me, and I have to use the actual words and say, “Stop! You better stop! You need to stop dead in your tracks.” You're in big huge trouble with me. I can’t and will not tolerate evil. You're done with me at this point.

Last year, I had someone lie right to my face. I was in a public place, with my entire family. The person was making believe. I knew it, and the person knew it. I knew what just happened behind my back. The intent was to bring me down and bring down one of the organizations I represent. The evil intent was to paralyze and shut down the very calling I have on my life. I couldn’t and wouldn’t play the evil game. My piercing eyes locked with the person's eyes, and I responded back with the very question I was asked. The person’s expression told me everything I needed to know. I actually feel sorry because I know what God will do next. It’s a no brainer. If you attack one of God’s children, you have God’s wrath. Sad really. I can’t be happy knowing how God will avenge the wrong done. It’s sad to me. I like to rescue people. It’s painful to know and watch the disaster unfold.

Let me clearly explain something. Saul was done. God had rejected him and replaced him. Saul knew it. There was nothing left for Saul. He was done, all because of the wickedness of his heart. David was God’s chosen replacement, a man after God’s own heart. Saul was chosen to be king from men’s heart, not God’s. Please pay close attention to this truth. Israel wanted to be like the rest of the nations. They wanted a king. God gave them a king after THEIR own heart. Did you catch that? Let me spell it out. Nothing good comes out of wanting things YOUR way. Nothing! Saul is a representation of the evil hearts of the people. They got an evil king, a man totally opposite of God’s chosen man David.

What does it mean “But Lord, you laugh at them. You scoff at all the hostile nations?” Here laugh is more like the definition of cackle. This what it means here by the Lord laughs. God forbid He should ever “cackle” at you and me. Now, let me help you understand this a bit more clearly. Let me share a visual with you. Roosters clack similar to the hens. We had chickens. My parents were both sick. I volunteered to go get the eggs from the chicken coop. I had watched my parents do this hundreds of times. My mom asked me, “You sure you know how?” My smart Alec remark, “Really, Mom, you have to ask me this question? Of course, I know.” I opened the door of the chicken house, entered, and went towards the eggs. I heard the rooster, but I ignored him; the rooster kept getting louder, and I ignored. As I approached the chickens, the rooster attacked me. That bird flew on my back. Can you even imagine this scene? I was being attacked by the rooster. Funny now but not then. I came out of that chicken house a mess and with no eggs. My hair was a disastrous mess, my beautiful outfit destroyed, and scratches all over my arm. Meanwhile my kids were watching this whole ridiculous scene. I was mortified and scared. I had missed the “cackle” of the rooster. God warns, and He laughs that cackle sound. However, we miss it until He has enough and His hand comes down. Then, we feel the affects.

God was assuring David in this passage: I see what’s happening, I hear very well what’s going on, and I will rescue you. What people don’t understand is what they say and plot in secret is seen and heard by God. You want God’s judgment? Go after His people and watch what He does. David was fully avenged by God. Saul ended up killing himself and David made king. Sin ultimately destroys you.

Please don’t think God isn’t listening and letting people get away with the plots of destruction against you. If you are His child, and I mean really His child, not everyone is, you can be sure God will always come to your rescue. Be at peace, do no one any harm, never defend yourself before evil, and stop thinking, “What will the people think and say.” Be mindful of one thing: “What will God think and say about me?” You are performing before an audience of only One, and that One is GOD!

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