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Take A Walk With Jesus


Pastor Michael Heil

"Therefore the Jews were grumbling about Him, because He said, “I am the bread that came down out of heaven.” (John 6:41)

If a person- or a saint - is not careful, close familiarity in the natural can blind us to the spiritual move of God. In His hometown, the Nazarenes were knowledgeable of Jesus' natural life and heritage. They knew His parents, walked by the carpenter shop often; they may have gone to school with Him. So, when He spoke truth by the Spirit, they were offended, not believing it could be true. Today, close fellowship with a fellow saint can be a great blessing, or it can blind us to God's moving through them. What determines which happens is our closeness to the Spirit of God in our own life. Apart from His beloved Son, God the Spirit always moves through imperfect, growing vessels; vessels with failures and struggles in their life. Still, the Spirit does move through them (and through you and me). We need to walk close to our Lord, trusting in the quick intuitive leading of the Spirit. As we do so we will catch and receive the prophetic words, the scriptural light, and the touch of God, even if it comes through saints who are still learning and still growing- saints, much like ourselves!



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