Teach Me Discernment

"Teach me good discernment and knowledge, For I believe in Your commandments."

Psalms 119:66

This memory on FB came up from six years ago. It reminded me how important it is to walk in discernment. It's great to look back at the same day years back. It not only reminds us of what we were doing, but many times for me it reminds me of how God moved in my life. The story happened at the gas station. The world knows I don't like to pump gas. In fact, I don't know how. I always go to my gas station that does it for me, or Justin will do it. This time, I was alone and saw I was about to run out of gas. I had no choice but to pull into the nearest gas station. I pulled in at gas station, and they didn't have full service. How hard can this be I tell myself? I was reading directions now. This guy in a Porsche pulled in. He stepped out and said, "You know how to pump the gas?" I thought he meant he wants me to teach him. I went into panic mode, and I said, "Aahhh...ya...not hard!" He started laughing and said, "Aahhh..I don't think so. I will do it for you as soon as you change direction. You're faced wrong way." Oy! So embarrassing. The nice guy, in his Armani suit, and Gucci shoes pumped my gas for me. He asked my name. I told him, "Ahhh...Jennifer!" I never give my name. He says, "I don't believe you. Let me see your license." I started laughing. Ok, I will tell you my name. "Teresa is my name but that is all the information I will give you. So don't ask for anything else. Thanks for helping me, I really appreciated that. That was a really kind thing to do. Be Blessed." He said, "My pleasure to be of help. As for only giving me your first name. OK, let me give you my card. You can reach out to me when you're ready. Everything is there; I hope to hear from you soon." He shook my hand, and I got in my car and looked at the card. He is the president of a major company worldwide. "You know how much help he could be for LD," I thought to myself. In fact, I was thanking God for this divine appointment and for running out of gas, and for not knowing how to fill up the gas tank. I mean I was thanking God for everything. I was so excited with the endless possibilities of projects. I began thinking of projects this man could be involved in and would actually succeed. I was doing the happy dance because kids worldwide would be helped. Whoo hoo, God! I called my assistant and had her set up a meeting with some of the staff. "Tell them to clear their schedule for the rest of the day and meet me in the conference room. I'm about 15 minutes from office. I have projects for us to work on this morning. I'm going to give this man projects I know will bring his company to the forefront, and LDW is going to lead the way." As I was driving, just thanking God for this. I felt this uneasiness. "Did you ask me about this," I felt God say. "Well, what do you mean, God? Think of all the kids who would be helped? God this is a no brainer." I started to defend myself before God. "My intentions are to help kids, God," I said. I felt God say, "I already know your intention. I know the intentions of the heart. It's not your intentions that are the problem." I knew exactly what God was saying. I'm sure as you do as you are reading my story. I pulled into my office parking lot, walked into the conference room. M