The Enemy's Playground...

Our thoughts determine our actions and emotions. Thoughts play a huge role and are the reason, at times, we feel out of control. Our enemy is Satan. He tries to manipulate, distort, and deceive us in our thinking. It is his way to try and control us. If we let him convince us that what we think is real, we then make huge mistakes that lead to sin.

The mind is the playground of our enemy. We break free of wrongful thinking when we apply the Word of God in our lives. We can reject our thoughts. We can dismiss our thoughts, and we can bring down any imagination or thought. We need to understand that we do not fight by human reasoning. We don’t apply worldly weapons.

When you find yourself trapped in a cycle of wrong thoughts, stop right there. Thoughts bring forth actions. Reckless actions bring forth aborted destinies. It’s a high cost to pay. You must weigh every thought that will then lead you to make a move or take action. To every move or action, there will be a consequence. This is called the thought process.

Let’s break it down so that we understand how important this is. The cognitive processes involved are reasoning, problem-solving, remembering, and the last two that apply to my point strongly are imagining and making judgments. Please clearly understand, these are the two most deadly processing mistakes that we can make.

You see, it starts with the reasoning part. Our enemy, Satan, does not want us to reason properly. He distorts, lies, manipulates, and deceives us. It first starts in the thought process. Then comes the imagination. We actually believe those distortions of truth. We believe the lies. We have now become deceived.