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17 August 2022


The world is experiencing the Fullness of time; Some things cannot be averted and some things can (discern).

We should be operating according to the calendar of God as God's children. God works in cycles and season yet man operate in calendars and dates. This is why seasons of God are spiritually discerned. It is amazing how the children of God are more conscious of the world's way than the word's way of doing things. In this season we have to get it right or we will miss the order of Abba. The smallest one will become a thousand (a clan), And the least one a mighty nation. I, the Lord, will quicken it in its [appointed] time. "Isaiah 60:22 AMP. We are 100% not in the ordinary way of doings things or in the ordinary way of approaching God. The old has passed and its a season of new wine. Everyone who hears the voice of God knows that we are in a season where we rely on God for every step we take as His children. The Fullness of time means that the things we use to pray about are now being praised about because in this season Abba is doing it for His bride. He wants the world to know that those that belong to Him are indeed separated unto glory. This glory is manifested right before the eyes for all to know that indeed God is with His children.

This fullness of time also puts God's children ahead of the pack because it is time to have wins so that our Lord may be glorified. This is why it is so important to draw near to Him at this time so that you do not miss His voice. Things that use to take years to be achieved will be achieved in a blink of an eye. So it is time to go back to your delayed or seemingly failed assignments and approach them with a fresh view because Abba is doing for His children .

And behold, some are last who will be first, and some are first who will be last.”

Luke 13:30 AMP


Lulama Konza

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