The God of Restoration

“For I, the Lord, love justice.

I hate robbery and wrongdoing.

I will faithfully reward my people for their suffering and make an everlasting covenant with them.”

Isaiah 61:8

This chapter contains amazing promises. I was reminded God never makes a promise without keeping it. Many times, it takes time for the promise to come to pass, and there are many examples in His Word of such promises -Abraham, Noah, Joseph, to name a few.

In this chapter the promises were made to the Jewish people who had just returned from captivity. God had promised to settle them each in their own land. That’s what was happening now although this was meant for that time period. God still planned to extend the same promises to us His church. He still gives us the same hope and promises during times of difficulty and devastation.

God had just brought them back to their ruined land, but with a promise; He was making a covenant with them. This place had become a wasteland. God was going to let them rebuild. He was promising to raise up and rebuild the waste cities which were destroyed and had laid bare. This was miraculous. They never thought God would do this for them, but He did just like He does with the devastated places in our lives. He lovingly brings us back what was destroyed and rebuilds it but only better!