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"When the Lord brought back his exiles to Jerusalem, it was like a dream! We were filled with laughter, and we sang for joy. And the other nations said, 'What amazing things the Lord has done for them.'" -Psalms 126:1-2

The Israelites had been taken into captivity by the Babylonians. The return and the restoration of Jerusalem had been anticipated for so long that it seemed like a dream to them. Some of them had waited their entire lifetime. Their joy was beyond containing. They were laughing in amazement, saying, “This is like a dream. It is too good to be true.”

Some of the things you have been dreaming about like to get out of debt, to start that business, to meet the right person, to finish college, the odds may be against you, it seems laughable, but God is about to surprise you. Stay in faith, because like the Israelites, the day is coming where God will fill your mouth with the laughter of amazement. It is going to be just like a dream. You are not only going to be amazed, but the people around you are going to be so in awe that all they can do is laugh with you.

Pastor Steve Alani The Lead Pastor Of LifeMap Ministry International

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