Truth Will Protect You


"May integrity and honesty protect me,

for I put my hope in you."

Psalm 25:21(NLT)


Since God is the God of Truth, He expects His children to be truthful. If you lie and you get caught in that lie, you lose your integrity. Integrity once lost is very difficult to get back and that's if you get it back at all. How would anyone trust you again if you choose to lie instead of telling the truth? Since God says in His Word, "Do not lie," why would you deliberately disobey what God says in His Word? The truth will always protect you because the truth will stand the test of time. The problem is when one chooses to lie. Lies are always exposed. When you do your part in telling the truth, God sees your faithful obedience to Him and His Word, and God will protect you.

"No one who trusts in you will ever be disgraced, but disgrace comes to those who try to deceive others," (Psalm 25:3NLT). Disgrace will always come to those who choose to practice sin. Maintain your integrity by preserving truth, by speaking truth. Don't set out to lie or deceive others. Prove yourself to be a trustworthy person. Lies and deceit will always destroy unity and cause division amongst the children of God.