Will You Cross With Me?

“The Egyptians pursued the Israelites. Pharaoh’s army, including all his horse-drawn chariots and cavalry, caught up with them as they were setting up their camp by the sea at Pi Hahiroth facing north.” -Exodus 14: 9

Talk about a setup... this has to be one of the greatest ever. God does everything perfectly. One of the hardest lessons to learn is God never does things the conventional way. This why it’s so hard for us to move according to His leading. I’m always saying, “What God? Did I hear you right? This makes no sense to me, I’m not understanding.” If you're in my inner circle, you get the phone calls and you hear the panic in my voice as I repeat what I just heard.

It made no sense whatsoever for them to camp there because they were trapped by the desert and the sea. God, specifically, told them to go back and set up camp there. Catch that, “Go back,” and be sitting ducks for the Egyptians to come and completely annihilate them. They had no idea why they were setting up when the entire Egyptian Army was coming after them. If I were a military commander, I would never lead my army into an ambush. Moses, however, did just that by the command of Almighty God.

So, why did that happen? Here’s the answer: “'Then, because of what I do to Pharaoh and his entire army, I will receive honor, and the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord.' So that is what the Israelites did.”

You see, Moses was the leader, and God was communicating to him, only him, what to do and how to do it. Listen please, you are the leader of your own life. God is a personal God. He leads you as you seek Him. Granted in this story God was using Moses to lead approximately two million Jews out of Egypt and out of slavery to a land of their own, and th